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  1. That's the whole point...It was not suppose to delete anything, only update. I asked it to update all the metadata and it went though and removed everything. BAM! I wanted to post here as a heads up because my fear also was that someone have it set to run full refreshes on a timer or something to get current new art. (No idea if it would be the same script...but still...a major heads up.) I was shocked to say the least and reported it to them and it was confirmed that, yeah, they mucked up they apologized for the "Disruption". Nothing more they could do. It sucks...but thats about it. Yes, I know I do not have a secondary backup for movies or tv, I understand what unraid is, I was very upset at the time as you all may guess. I lost 17TB of data. At least now I have 21TB left I guess and don't need to buy a new drive. (I am trying to make myself feel better, can you tell? ) We live now, last 5 years, full time in a motor coach. So while it would be nice to have two servers, don't have the physical space. But I do have off site backups of the important files and videos and photos and business stuff. Seeing we use three JetPacks for data (Two AT&T, One Verizon, all unlimited set up as a Bonded VPN for speed.) Data wise, really can't afford to download a movie or TV show and then upload a backup to crashplan. It's just a lot of use. OH....They said... "It is already resolved for the next release so that it will not happen again."... can't wait for the new Docker! (What gets me is Luke never posted a single notice, not even in the 4.0.2 release announcement, as to NOT RUN AN UPDATE on the data!) But thank you everyone for the suggestions. I hope this may have saved someone at least.
  2. Now that is a very interesting idea to safeguard from a bug/or otherwise related delete!!! THANKS! Now need to go see how to all apply the setting after it is moved into place!
  3. But does that help you if a docker removes a file though the file system via over samba? As mentioned, I have been a user for a long time. (I founded AVSForum and thus have been with UnRiad from the start.) Happy with unraid. Have backup off site for the "important" stuff. Thus was a notice of an issue with just me saying I wish I had a way.
  4. From my understanding of the Recycle Bin, it is only if deleted via samba. I don't think it would apply in this case unless the Dockers use Simba locally. BTRFS is also not the default and was advised to use new formatting. So that was all switched over. But again, as I mentioned, this was a notice of the issue. I have used unraid a long time, never needed to worry much for the items I need to be sure I have, are backed up off site. It is just amazing to me that something as large as Emby did not find this bug and it would delete main directories when it should be replacing/updating files.
  5. I was not writing to complain about unRaid, just saying it would be nice for them to have a solution of some sort as other systems do. I just wanted to post this here as this version of DOCKER was just released not to long ago and I wanted to be sure people knew about this MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Bug.
  6. WARNING!!!!! I am Premiere Lifetime Member and I went into Emby Version and went into Movies in my web browser. In looking at the list of movies I had seen a lot of cover art was not showing up for some reason. So I went back one screen and I clicked on the 3 dots and selected Refresh Metadata and selected to REPLACE ALL METADATA and checked the box to Replace all the Images. At that point it just went through and deleted everything! GONE! Nothing! All deleted! Posted on the Emby site about this and this was the reply... "Ok it looks like you did actually use the delete media function, and for whatever reason it may have gone up an extra level when deleting the movie folder. I will have to add more logging to confirm this. I believe we have noticed this issue being associated with the database upgrade from 3.5, but it does not occur on newly created libraries. It is already resolved for the next release so that it will not happen again. I apologize for the disruption. Luke" Over 1000 movies GONE! Seeing that unRAID has NO WAY to recover deleted files....Emby just toasted me! (Along with unRAID not having a snapshot backup system and being just parity. I have been a unRAIND user for a very long time. First time I lost everything. Now I am looking for a solution that could have saved me with such a large BUG.
  7. Very nice of you to do this. The sad part if that we need to do something like this at all. IMHO, someone should not do ever go into and mess with config files on a system like this, there should be an option just to turn on and off like other NAS devices have. It is not like this is "new" it has been around for a very long time yet unRaid seems to have such an issue with it. This would also require me to use another drive when I have put in a SSD as cache large enough to also be my TimeMachine drive. I really do thank you for taking the time to document this. I really just hate having to go in and mess with files not knowing if some other update will do something to such a file that would again require you to set it all up again. One could likely forgot about it having used it for X amount of time for it then to just stop and not remember that they made such changes to make it work.
  8. Really...No reply to this? I also am looking to use unRAID to handle my TimeMachine backups. I mean, other NAS products have this built right in seeing that Apple no longer makes a TimeVault product. So where does unRAID stand with TimeMachine. I want to use my Cache drive, which is a 1TB SSD that I installed just for this reason. The intent was to make 800GB available for TimeMachine to use. So I came looking for setup instructions and there does not really seem to be anything much about it which I was kind of surprised at seeing where unRAID is these days as a really great NAS. It would be great to have unRAID address this or point me to the proper way to set it up now a days with version 6.5.X of unRAID on current versions of the MAC OS. I have looked for it but I really did not do well in my search. So many questions...Accounts needed or not? AFP or SMB? So much crossed information I am finding. From my understanding, AFP should not be need to used. Not to mention it is slow from what I have read. So very lost on this to say the least. It is like one would think there would be a TimeMachine setup button or something to press in unRAID. Thanks all.
  9. Yup, it is set for one a week. So likely it was not updated yet when it last ran. But the docker update ran just fine, so all good good now. Thanks guys!
  10. Yes, it is active. All my others will show Update and did so actually yesterday. So I know it is working as it should be. The interesting thing however, just as an FYI, I just pressed check for updates and it did find it. So not sure how ofter they are checked, but until I press that, it did not show an update even though last night I had updates for the other dockers waiting. Thanks
  11. Hummm....I know when a my UnRAID see's there is an updated docker it tells me and I click on Update. Thats all we need to do, we do not need to hunt for an update for once it hits the repository it tells us. So not sure why this would be any different because this was installed from the repository. Therefore if there's an update, we were expected to show up as an update. So not sure where it is or why we would not be alerted to update if the Docker package was updated. Thanks
  12. Sorry to say no. It shows I am on 3.9.7 and on the Docker screen it reads it is Up To Date.
  13. Hi...Yes, it would be great to know if this docker will be updated. Thanks.
  14. Thanks again. I will need to see what will happen if and when the time comes. It is good to have the backup, I was just surprised to see it like it was as it was not expected at all.
  15. Thanks. Like I said, it used to not do this thus the confusion for it makes no sense to me if you have an issue with one thing to have to restore it all. It seems to be all or nothing now vs how it was. (Before I moved to current version of UnRAID and this needed a new version of this.) Wonder why it is now down like this vs being an option which I thought it had. (thus my post.)
  16. Thanks. I always took it to mean zipped, compressed, etc. I do recall an older version of this just copying all the files and thus the confusion. What if I just want to restore one file?
  17. Hi...Was wondering if it is known that even though you say not to compress, it still puts it into a tar file? Thanks
  18. Hi... New to this docker a few days back. I really like the Ubnt gear it an thank you for making the docker. On Wednesday ver 3.9.5 of video NVR came out. Can we just updated in the NVR running docker or is it better to wait for a new docker release and run an update via the docker? Thank you. Bug Fixes: Fixed an error in motion recording that caused Minimum Motion Event Trigger content to be truncated for short recordings Fixed motion recording playback sometimes including an extra video segment Fixed motion images sometimes not included in alert emails Fixed cloud disconnections caused by websocket pong timeouts, when network is slow or cloud server responses are slowed down. This solves the repetitive disconnected/reconnected cloud issue. If your UniFi Video install continues to be disconnected after upgrading, it should come back to a Connected status in 15 minutes or less Fixed Email username field not populated correctly Fixed UniFi Video cloud re-connection hanging after the controller is disconnected either due to degraded network or the UniFi Video installation losing its IP address
  19. BTW...Yes, I just realized you said truck or SUV and not motorhome or RV. So being small is really the only way to go and SSD would be really the way to go because you mentioned Dash Cam and thus a small platter drive is still open to going BANG on a bump. For the DashCam I would stick to SD in the cam, 128gig can get you days of 1080P. But also, seeing you mention you will then be off loading this data back home. As such, not knowing how long we are talking, I don't see the need at all for running a server for this type of need. You can then in that case just get away with single SSD drive as even 1TB can hold A LOT. I shoot and edit in 4K and get hours and hours of footage. Heck, even my 4K camera using an SD card can hold a good amount of time. Sorry I missed it and talked about the setup in a motor coach.
  20. Hi... I run a 20 TB system and have been for going into 5 years on the road with it. I run all standard platter drives in the system and use SSD just for the Cache. Right now it has a 8TB parity and five 4 TB drives. (I put in the larger parity when I needed a new drive, so I did that for expansion if needed.) It is just part of our routine to shut the server down when we move and turn it back on when we arrive and setup. Same with our Dish Hooper, we always unplug it while traveling. It just becomes routine to do it like anything else you need to do. As far as heat goes, I have it in it's own cabinet and just have one 3" fan pulling air out of the top of it. It does very well and I leave the drives spun up even though I really do not need to. The issue I found, with my system, is that if I am watching something off the server and then a new file needed to be written and it needs to spin up a drive, the show then buffers while that I/O is waiting. So I now down don't spin them down. The big thing in the coach however is the full Ubnt UniFi Wi-Fi system that is running with dual band AP's inside and out and three switches. In the park we are currently at, I designed the Wi-Fi in the park.There is 150Mbps coming into the park, here is the data path I need to take.... Me ---> Wi-Fi --> NanoStation 5AC Station ---> LightBeam 5AC120 AP ---> LightBeam 5AC Gen to Station ---> Lightbeam 5AC Gen2 AP ---> Ethernet to router via 3 switches. 105Mbps down. ...however, I can get 105Mbps into the coach. Looking at the network traffic when I did that, 35Mbps was being used by others. https://OutsideOurBubble.com
  21. The six XML files in that directory are in use and are working with current dockers. Even looked at each.
  22. Ah dang it! I just did the new SSL thing to provision and I no longer can get into the system. When I try to go to it it changes the URL to be... https://b7cc6a92faac5701717e5ea769f70ee9e0c6bce8.unraid.net/Main and I get a 503 error for NGINX. ---UPDATE--- It started working again out of nowhere. But now I have thus large URL.
  23. Hi.... Moved to 6.5.0 and now when running this app it tosses the below at me. I uninstalled and reinstalled and received the same error. Plugin Version: 2017.11.23 Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: [XML2Array] Error parsing the XML string. in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.cleanup.appdata/include/xmlHelpers.php:197 Stack trace: #0 /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.cleanup.appdata/include/exec.php(43): XML2Array::createArray('\x00\x05\x16\x07\x00\x02\x00\x00Mac OS ...') #1 {main} thrown in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.cleanup.appdata/include/xmlHelpers.php on line 197
  24. Ah dang it! I just did the new SSL thing to provision and I no longer can get into the system. When I try to go to it it changes the URL to be... https://b7cc6a92faac5701717e5ea769f70ee9e0c6bce8.unraid.net/Main and I get a 503 error for NGINX.
  25. Ok, well I have now moved to 6.5.0 and have a question. One of the suggested things to do is to make an SSD cache drive XFS. So in looking to do this, I wanted to see how much data I needed to move to to gauge the apx time needed to do the change over. That is when I discovered that the drive readings shown are not correct. I have 120Gig SSD drive. It says on the MAIN tab that used is 16.8 GB. But I know that can't be right as the DOCKER image alone is 26.8 GB according to my MacBook. So the questions...Am I right and the info displayed is incorrect or does the docker image somehow not count as data used? (Which seems weird to me as I would think used space is used space for that file is that large.) So if the cache drive is off like that, how can the rest be trusted? As far as making this change...Am I correct... 1) Stop Dockers. 2) Copy files off. 3) Stop Arrary 4) Change the Cache Drive to XSF 5) Restart the array 6) Format Cache drive 7) Move files back - Restart Dockers. Thank You for the help in this upgrade.