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  1. Affects the dynamix.s3.sleep Plugin: first, I like it, and it saves a lot of energy, because my Unraid server is close to 19 hours a day in standby, and very fast ready for koi include tvheadend (within 10-15 seconds) from sleep! Better than complete power off, there my computer needs nearly two minutes... Just a few things, which would made the script better for me and my usecase (maybe and I am sure it does for others too) Can you change the main loop to: # main (continuous loop) extraDelay=$delayInit [[ $checkTCP == yes ]] && start=0 || start=-1 while [[ -f $lockfile ]]; do if [[ -z $(exclude_period) ]]; then if [[ -z $(HDD_activity) ]]; then log "All monitored HDDs are spun down" if [[ $start -eq 0 ]]; then log "Initialize TCP activity counter" start=$(txrx_bytes) else log "Check TCP/SSH/TTY/IP activity" if [[ -z $(TCP_activity) && -z $(SSH_activity) && -z $(TTY_activity) && -z $(IP_activity) ]]; then log "Communication state is idle" if [[ $extraDelay -ge 0 ]]; then log "Extra delay period running: $extraDelay minute(s)" ((extraDelay--)) fi else log "Communication activity detected. Reset timers." extraDelay=$delayInit fi [[ $start -gt 0 ]] && start=$(txrx_bytes) fi else log "Disk activity detected. Reset timers." [[ $checkTCP == yes ]] && start=0 || start=-1 extraDelay=$delayInit fi if [[ $extraDelay -lt 0 ]]; then [[ $action == sleep ]] && system_sleep || system_down log "System woken-up. Reset timers" extraDelay=$delayInit [[ $checkTCP == yes ]] && start=0 || start=-1 fi fi sleep 60 done & Because actually, after HDDs spun down detected, the timer counts, after timer is set to zero, the other checks are maid, e.g. network activity. If I change my computer from living room to the office, the script detects (after HDD spun down) that my living room computer is offline, and server goes to sleep, before I can switch on my office computer. Now I have to switch On my office computer, and when it's on, I can switch off my living room computer. If you change the behavior when countdown starts, I have x minutes time to change my computer, because countdown starts AFTER the living room computer is off, and is reset after office computer is on. I hope it's understandable what I mean. And, maybe you can explain me, why there's one division by 120 in the function TCP_activity? (line 4 in this code segment, or line 255 in the original script) TCP_activity() { result= if [[ $checkTCP == yes ]]; then delta=$((($(txrx_bytes)-$start)/120)) [[ $delta -gt $idle ]] && result=1 fi if [[ -n $result ]]; then log "Network activity on going: $(($delta*8)) b/s" echo $result fi } And, again above code segment of function TCP_activity, is it possible to change the unit from b/s to kb/s? I don't know, who has such a slow connection that he must read how many bytes are now transfered (is it in line 8 in the above code segment, or line 259 in the original script) Thank you very much Best regards Rain
  2. Ok, thank you. I'll give it a try, after copying the rest of my data, I'll activate the plugin (but it happens too, when I'm sending the server to standby via command line) and post in the support thread there. Thank you
  3. Hello, when I send my Unraid Server to sleep, via the webinterface Dashboard, my Server is in S3 sleep Mode. after i wake up my Server again, it makes a complete System shutdown After 3 seconds awake. i came from openmediavault and there sleep and wake up worked perfect. i did Not change any in my bios. where can i Look what i have to change to fix it? my motherboard is an MSI B250M Pro, cpu is an Intel Pentium G4560. i am using Unraid v6.7.2