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  1. Hey @kenig, I completed the transition myself just this weekend. Please note that for me it was a breaking change that worked a treat with the restore of a phoscon backup. All I had to do was replace the marthoc docker address with the new community one and start the container. Others may have a way to do this smoother. I dont think I had to restore when I transitioned initially to Marthoc but the deconz git indicates this is a rather large update. Hope it all goes smoothly
  2. Hey @h0schi, thank you very much for outlining this for me. I've been looking for a long time on how to do it. Following your steps, it all goes well until the flashing which leaves me with the error of: ---------------------------------------- Device: Device Path: /dev/ttyACM0 Firmware File: deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26660700.bin.GCF Are the above device and firmware values correct? Enter Y to proceed, any other entry to exit: y Flashing... GCFFlasher V3_17 (c) dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh Flashing Error! Please re-run this script... ---------------------------------- Hoping you might have some advice? Current firmware is: 264A0700 Cheers, Linton
  3. @yanksno1ive managed to fix my regular radarr. Waiting on a 4K download to confirm but basically I applied an override on the radarr label to stop seed ratio at 0 seed as a test (I’ll adjust this later) and now radarr is doing it’s thing properly i haven’t applied ‘remove at ratio’ maybe try that? I swear I’ve tried this same line of troubleshooting before but for whatever reason it’s behaving tonight
  4. Hey @yanksno1, I'm having the same problems as you are with my Radarr dockers. Originally I had it working perfectly, and I think the point of destruction was when I started running a second Radarr for 4K. My Sonarr still works perfectly with importing and deleting. For both my Radarr instances, they will import into the intended final location but are not removed from deluge and the completed downloads folder. All settings across Radarr and Sonarr are identical. I'll check out these docker safe new permissions. Following with great interest Linton
  5. Ok so I updated to the official docker as per @Propaganda’s little instruction without a hitch which is outstanding I’m not so strong with docker so does anyone know how to translate the firmware update instructions to unraid? I’ve checked my log and it says: GW firmware version: 0x264a0700 GW firmware version shall be updated to: 0x26660700 but nothing about a downloaded firmware location. cheers Linton
  6. This is very excellent news! Is everything in tact like VNC mode etc?
  7. Hey @testdasi & @LimeB, I've managed to get my DVD to pass through thanks to your notes above but wondered if you have any freezing issues? If i try and intiate a transfer or really browse the dvd contents it just locks up. Curious if its all been swell for you guys, cheers, Linton
  8. Also very interesting in ongoing update methods for this otherwise love the container
  9. Really!? well that brings some hope that it will all be ok Ultimately I don't think I can do betas. Have a lot riding on my machine and may not have all the know how to get myself out of a jam. But I will consider it thank you I haven't been able to find any good release notes for kernel version 5.8.13 included with beta 30 that would indicate that to me. I was inspired by @JesterEE's post above to do my own hunting as he has the same board and has posted otherwise invaluable information about how he got his all going.
  10. I hope it comes soon, you would be doing us a great service if you're willing to take a look for the next major update. Desperately in need of an x570 audio fix for my Asus x570-E. Overall just saying thanks for the work ground work you've done so far even though I cant use it (6.8.3).
  11. This plugin exposes the data as raw JSON. If you can find a way to pull that into a database you’ll be all good. Unfortunately nothing I can assist with. Home assistant just happens to be an excellent use case
  12. Are you a Home Assistant user? Or are you planning to use this data outside the unraid dashboard in any way?
  13. See the Lovelace code a couple of posts after the image on the first page
  14. Hey @Fma965 I asked willnnotdan on discord how he tackled the new auth on 6.8 for Unraid-API if you ever think you’d like to give it a go. “Hey, I got it working with the new Auth but it was a pain! Essentially it makes a post request to /login and blocks the attempt to redirect (it'll redirect to main, find you don't have the cookie and then redirect you back to login) it then grabs the cookie from the headers and stores it so it can be used in future requests. Happy for him to message me directly if I can be of assistance :)”