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  1. This plugin exposes the data as raw JSON. If you can find a way to pull that into a database you’ll be all good. Unfortunately nothing I can assist with. Home assistant just happens to be an excellent use case
  2. Are you a Home Assistant user? Or are you planning to use this data outside the unraid dashboard in any way?
  3. See the Lovelace code a couple of posts after the image on the first page
  4. Hey @Fma965 I asked willnnotdan on discord how he tackled the new auth on 6.8 for Unraid-API if you ever think you’d like to give it a go. “Hey, I got it working with the new Auth but it was a pain! Essentially it makes a post request to /login and blocks the attempt to redirect (it'll redirect to main, find you don't have the cookie and then redirect you back to login) it then grabs the cookie from the headers and stores it so it can be used in future requests. Happy for him to message me directly if I can be of assistance :)” https://discord.gg/Qa3Bjr9
  5. cards: - type: custom:mini-graph-card entities: - sensor.psu_watts # - sensor.psu_3v_watts # - sensor.psu_5v_watts # - sensor.psu_12v_watts icon: mdi:power-socket line_color: '#00778a' line_width: 3 font_size: 75 show: extrema: true - type: horizontal-stack cards: - type: custom:mini-graph-card entities: - sensor.psu_3v_watts name: 3v line_color: blue line_width: 8 font_size: 75 show: extrema: true icon: false - type: custom:mini-graph-card entities: - sensor.psu_5v_watts name: 5v line_color: '#e74c3c' line_width: 8 font_size: 75 show: extrema: true icon: false - type: custom:mini-graph-card entities: - sensor.psu_12v_watts name: 12v line_color: orange line_width: 8 font_size: 75 show: extrema: true icon: false Requires mini graph card from HACS
  6. I love the smell of fresh updates in the morning 😛 (Australia) much appreciated. Btw I’m still using the beta but from community apps 👍
  7. I think these raw values would assist me with a trouble I’m having with my mini graph cards. Then we can set our own unit of measurement and everything should work smoothly
  8. Well this is very exciting thank you! Also check out the new unraid-api docker by electricbrainUk. I’ve been helping them test it for last couple of weeks and it’s awesome for some docker/vm switches and statistics in home assistant. Now to check this out
  9. You sir, are my personal hero for the day. Thank you so very much, I’m just thrilled to have this available to me in unraid and home assistant. It’s working great. Thank you also for helping and putting that together over the holidays
  10. Any assistance in making it easier for HA would be greatly appreciated. If JSON, would that best using the RESTful sensor? also just confirming this is expected, the PHP output for me is only showing the actual values, there are no categories/headings (unsure what the correct term is) like temp1. If I go to the URL it gives me: ["3d. 10h","42.2 \/ 34.8","0.0","1000W","50.0W","18.5W","9.5W","78.0W","8%"]
  11. That looks like a game changer thank you! Much research to do to learn how to scrape/utilise that but very excited about the possibility. I agree that would be much nicer than ssh
  12. That would be super cool to have it as a dashboard panel. Here is my output: name: 'HX1000i' vendor: 'CORSAIR' product: 'HX1000i' powered: 258127 (2d. 23h) uptime: 250927 (2d. 21h) temp1: 42.8 temp2: 35.2 fan rpm: 0.0 supply volts: 230.0 total watts: 82.0 output0 volts: 12.1 output0 amps: 4.2 output0 watts: 50.0 output1 volts: 5.0 output1 amps: 3.9 output1 watts: 19.0 output2 volts: 3.3 output2 amps: 3.0 output2 watts: 9.5 hmmm maybe I can use this ssh method to drag some stats into into home assistant
  13. That’s wonderful thank you!! Working like a champ. Lol now to learn what all the rails are going to 😛