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  1. I've started running into this issue ever since the latest large update (I guess to v7? The one that completely changed the webui theme) Basically, after a random but long (this last time was 4 days) amount of time Grafana goes back to the login screen. This is what I assume is the error messages related to it: t=2020-12-06T03:10:23-0600 lvl=eror msg="Failed to send usage stats" logger=metrics err="Post \"\": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)" t=2020-12-06T04:06:20-0600 lvl=eror msg="Failed to look
  2. Thanks, I was on 0.5, that was the update that killed it. At the time I posted, that reddit response wasn't quite there yet, must have been off by mere minutes based on timestamps! However, it's been updated again and now has a button to redirect to the login page on that unauthorized page! I hoped it would get fixed pretty fast. Now I need to check if my homescreen user problems are fixed.
  3. Dont know if this is just me or not, but I can't use DashMachine at all since the recent update. I just get an "Unauthorized" page when I try to open the site. Tried completely wiping and restarting but still got the same, Firefox and Edge. Sucks, just got it setup with icons and everything.
  4. Unfortunately/fortunately, no. My specific issue might not ever be resolved, simply because I moved on from that setup. Too much of the box's hardware changed all at once, and I've not had any issues since. In fact, the only thing remaining of the old box is the case, usb, and some of the drives! Moved from a 2500k with 12GB ram to an 1800x with 32GB ram. New power supply, obviously different motherboard, double the drives, an nvme drive, SAS card, 10Gb SFP+ card (nice!). I also don't have Plex running over the network anymore, so no sustained hours-long thousand-files network readin
  5. Alright, another crash with an error I could catch. Had been stable 8 days, was in the middle of a network copy of a few large (10+gb) files.
  6. So, this is an interesting coincidence. I had recently used the advanced option to add the iDRAC 6 docker image to unraid. And it just almost works. It connects, get the needed java libraries/whatever from the iDRAC, but then it fails to actually login I guess? It just gives an unhelpful "Connection failed." in the log. Unfortunately this version does the same thing (as I expected, since it's literally the same thing from domistyle). I know the idrac is working. It's not using anything crazier than a static ip. It's not super out of date, though it's not the newest version.
  7. chkdsk didn't return any issues with the drive. But it was indeed plugged in to a USB3 slot. I'll swap it to USB2 and continue monitoring.
  8. Ok, finally the system crashed but kept an error on-screen on the attached monitor. I feel like I know what the issue is, though I'm still puzzled by why it would only crash at a certain time at night. I hope this is the same issue and not something new. So, the error: "whole bunch of gibberish with hex locations and whatnot" FAT-fs (sda1): FAT read failed (blocknr 1941) FAT-fs (sda1): unable to read inode block for updating (i_pos 12544047)
  9. So, I hadn't responded in a while since it was actually stable for a while (didn't have remote plex pointed at it). Decided to point the remote Plex at it again, which seemed to work... for a couple days. Decided to do the update to 6.8.1. Probably should have left well enough alone, crashed again. Last thing in the syslog before the crash is what I assume is a mover entry: Jan 15 05:49:26 ShinseiUNRAID kernel: mdcmd (71): spindown 1 Jan 15 06:00:02 ShinseiUNRAID crond[1652]: exit status 1 from user root /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null So, I'm
  10. Yep, which is the same for me. Plex is completely separate hardware from my Unraid box, only connected by networking. Plex isn't crashing, the worst it gets is the connection fails when Unraid crashes/freezes. Well, it was completely separate at least. I spun up the Plex docker I had for messing around and pointed it at all the "local" files (mounted the /user/public/Plex folder on the array to /unraid in the docker, and created 7 libraries pointed at 7+tb of media) and let it run uninterrupted since my last post. No crashes or anything despite load, and even my weekly schedule
  11. 1. PSU is definitely hooked up alright, I tried replugging all the power (and other cables) once. I've never run into a power supply that only died when under heavy hdd reads. I could see one of the hdd being somehow bad and not reflecting that in SMART, but that wouldn't crash the whole system surely? Unraid also finishes Parity checks just fine after each reboot I have to do, and that's stressfull on both the cpu and hdd for long periods of time. 2. Yes, it crashed/froze every time between 3-8, when my Plex server (on another computer) is set to do deep scans of files. And it
  12. Ok, so I ran the system without Plex hitting it for a week while on vacation. And what do you know, no lockups or restarts. So heavy read loads are what's causing it, though I know it can be not technically it's fault. Syslog was already mirrored to boot days before I posted here, and it appeared to have caught nothing. I remember reading it and there was just a big blank timespan without any kind of information after what looks like normal lines. I'll attach the current syslog while I try to cause a new failure. I'm sure you already know this, but searching for
  13. I recently bought a key of unraid after testing for around 120 days, with one stretch of 90+ days uptime at the end (so the trial didn't end). As you can see, it was rock-solid stable no problems, except it was slow as crud since I was using 12 old SAN 500 GB drives. Hot (so hot, 40+ idle!), loud, slow, low capacity, but great for testing. I had it in a 2:2:8 setup, parity cache data. Even had a super old pci raid card for the extra sata ports. Did what I wanted, if slow, so great! I decided to buy a key and new hardware on black Friday, and it got reconfigured into 4 4TB driv
  14. I've not been using Unraid very long, still in the trial phase. I like it since it's so much simpler to use than FreeNAS or similar. So maybe I'm doing something incredibly wrong with this image and MariaDB, but I get just abysmal performance and tons of problems despite following the tutorial as best as I can tell. I first had really bad problems getting Nextcloud to use the db correctly. I'm still not sure it really is using it right. I was doing the initial setup, and it was timing out with a 504 error. But it definitely was connecting and adding tables with data, so I don'