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  1. With tour 1060 passed through (and your vbios). When in windows. Check your cpu usuage by logging into unraid from another device. Does one of your cores pegged to 100%. It took me a good month to have mine setup.
  2. Which cores should i be assigning to my vm? Similar to the 3950x (last 6 cores)?
  3. Do we need to worry about the ccd thing for a 3900x?
  4. Thanks Skitals for bring up about this f10 bios and the amazing iommu group it comes with. I couldn't get the usb controllers (or any devices) to passthrough using the vfio-pci.cfg method. BUt i was able to do it by editing my xml file. Now i don't need to buy a usb pcie card! Yay! Now lets hope we can pass the onboard audio in the future!
  5. Hey did you eventually get this to work using vfio-pci.cfg method? I can't seem to pass anything through using this method.
  6. Yeah so it didn't work in safe mode either. I removed vfio-pci.ids from syslinux as well. Damn it! I really wanted this to work so i dont have to get a usb pcie card.
  7. Is it possible unraid is not loading my vfio-pci.cfg file? Ifnits not loading it. How do i get unraid to load it?
  8. Mine didn't work. I tried BIND=07:00.0 07:00.1 07:00.3 and BIND="07:00.0 07:00.1 07:00.3" And only the nvidia usb controllers showed up.
  9. Did you need to install the chipset drivers or did windows automatically install them?
  10. Do i just format flash drive and reinstall unraid and when unraid boots up. Just select the correct order of drives?
  11. Unusual CPU usuage. Doing a simple task like closing the browser spikes my cpu cores to 100%....just watch this video of me closing the browser.... I attached my diagnostic file vault001-diagnostics-20191025-0358.zip
  12. Windows booted right up after changing to q35 4.1. After playing Apex Legends for a few hours I got a blue screen: "Stop code: Kernel Security Check Failure." Then restarted computer and now its back to being slow at boot up. Gonna run a memtest.