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  1. Is there a way to find out what usb stick works and what doesn't. The one i have here runs fine with ESXi on multiple machines. Why doesn't the creator recognise the stick at all; WIndows does, rufus too ? thx for the reply
  2. So whats to do when the stick i dedicated for unraid doesn't get recogised in the USB creator tool? It's a bog standard 32 GB USB 3 stick from "intenso" (the small ones). I formatted it to FAT32 and the Volume is labled UNRAID (30 GB available).... Can i dl an ISO somwhere and use rufus to copy unraid to this usb stick? thx
  3. Awesome this ssems to work. The UPS icon is there and it can read the battery from my USB connected smartups 750 through unraid Now i need to figure out how to shutdown the esxi itself incase of a power failure
  4. Yes Yes .... my mistake for not reading correctly
  5. im currently trying to understand how to remove drives from the cache pool/ pool .... without loosing everything .... It would be nice if you could provide screenshots of how to do this... so that the windows script kiddies like me have it easier to understand what needs to be done.... I followed the guide to in the faq but now im lost..... 1. Stoped the array 2. unassigned the cache drives (2 in my case) --> my mistake for mot reading.... 3. set the drive slots to none 4. Started the array Nothing happened ? In the guide it said that there will be a move process after this but that didn't happen? Cache Pool is now "not mountable" because of the missing ssds.... This i think is clearly my mistake but.... Maybe its possible to implement an easier sollution like a "unassign drive and move" botton to the Main Page. One that allow the user to click on and dissable one specific drive at a time while a process in tha background takes care of the data beeing mooved Im very hesitant to try the other option about "forgetting the config", since that went bad real quick last time (complete Dataloss - Also my mistake)
  6. System is back up and working correctly after the rebuild. It even recogised disk 5 in the pseudo backplane. I'll watch this closely and as soon as the new hardware arrives ill try to move everything there. Thank you verry much for the help provided
  7. Yeah i know this system isn't great but it worked for a while. Everything works and for the age and configuration of my N40L the performance i get isn't realy that bad The N40L backplane is directly connected to the mainboard. It features a sff-8087 to 4x SATA breakout. Not a real Backplane maybe its connected internaly as a portmultiplyer? The Portmultiplyer (sylba 8 port SATA) is where all the small and the cache drives are connected to. The N40L will get its retirement eventually. New Hardware is on the way anyways; thought i try this on my N40L before investing in a more stable permanent sollution. Maybe as a backup system for my unraid based on freenas (before unraid i used that os and it also worked OK on the N40L)
  8. Ok i have some reading to do. I restarted my server and it seems as if my backplane is dying. The drive is not recognised when i leave it in the slot it was before. On a diffrent port (just sata) i clould assign the drive again and now the rebuild is in progress. 8 TB will take a day to restore Thank you for the help tower-smart-20191021-1936.ziptower-diagnostics-20191021-1737.zip
  9. I do have 2 parity disks installed (each 8 TB) wich in theory should give me 2 drive failure coverage. What do the other disks (smaller 1 TB drives and cache drives) have to do with parity or rebuilding process? I'll look at the smart values and do a SMART test. As disk 5 is inside a backplane, can i disconect this drive and connect it via a normal sata port on the same machine without loosing the array?
  10. Is there a way to inspect the drive before i put it back into unraid. Externaly, maybe via a HDD testing tool to figure out if the drive has an issue.? Does that include reboots or complete powerdowns?
  11. Yes i'll try that as soon as i get home. Drive 5 is connected va a backplane. The same backplane all the 8 TB Drives use) Is it safe to just reboot or do i have to stop the array first (Stop the array, set it to "do not start automatically" and then powercycle the unit)? Can i just power down the unit and restart it? What happens to the data that is not written to the disk yet? ( Drive 5 is beeing emulated via the parity drive; right? What if, there was data written to the emulated drive no. 5 while beeing in this state?. The data isn't that important but i'd like to know more about how this works (or not) If the drive comes back online i'll assume that unraid will try to rebuild this drive from the parity drive's (does that include the data that might have been written to the emulated disk?) Thank you for the help so far
  12. Hi, just attached the diagnostic logs tower-diagnostics-20191021-1126.zip
  13. Hi there, I'm new to unraid. Everything worked fine for a long time and i started to get compfy with my installation. I wanted to do a backup of my server with duplicati and got this running. It copied arround 900 GB of 2.5 TB to my NAS verry slowly ... but ok ... i can wait . Yesterday i went to check on my server and it displayed an error message that one of my 8 TB drives has failed. I'm not sure how to proceed now. As i've read unraid is currently emulating the one 8 TB drive via the parity drive and my data is safe for now. I need to get a spare drive today .... I dissabled all dockers besides krusader and there are no vms on that machine. This drive is brand new and successfully did the preclear..... is there a chance the drive is fine and unraid just had a "hickup". I have a second 8 TB Data drive which currently sits empty (Picture 1, last drive) I know that i can install krusader and copy over the files but because im a noob i'm not sure how to do so fasely without causing issues with the shares? ( Picrure 2) System, nextcloud and appdata are folders created by unraid. If i go with krusader can i just copy them from disk 5 to disk 6? Thank you
  14. Resurected my old n trusty N40l which now has 12 GB of DDR3 ECC installed.
  15. Is there a way to use a local (or remote) nas to point the backup to? As i understand the local filesystem can't access my nas because cloudberry is inside a docker. This means i need to mount the nas to the docker?