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  1. Oops, yes. Game successfully updated.
  2. Thanks ich777 for all the help you give to this community. I’ve got a question on how updates work. Valheim just received a massive patch this morning. Do you know when this will be reflected in the docket build? Will force update pull a new version? Or are updates handled internally via steam apps in the container? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the response, The Docker log doesnt have specific game information, I'm trying to see who logs on and when and store this information somewhere. Doing it like this doesnt seem to generate any output unfortunately...
  4. Do you know the best way to capture game logs? My understanding is that the runtime has some output into standard out about who logs in etc but doesnt save this info anywhere, I added " >> /var/log/valheim.log > /dev/null &" to GAME_PARAMS to capture it but it doesnt seem to work. So that it runs like this: /serverdata/serverfiles/valheim_server.x86_64 -name [servername] -port 2456 -world Dedicated -password [password] -public 1 >> /var/log/valheim.log > /dev/null &
  5. Thanks. I have cache directories installed, also I made sure that the drives werent spinning down. The macos interoperability did the trick for me.
  6. Welp I think I figured it out. I stopped the Array and Enabled 'MacOS interoperability' under settings > SMB and then started the array. It now works just as fast as the QNAP server.
  7. I've been working to replace an older QNAP setup with a 24 core dell server. These two machines are on the same network, but the Unraid setup is muuuuuch slower than the QNAP one for file sharing, tested with SMB NFS and AFP. I've tested the Unraid server and I can transfer data to and from it at full 1Gbps speed. However filesharing is essentially useless. I've made a boring video showing speed differences, on the left is UNRAID on the right is QNAP. Running 6.8.0-rc3 Does anyone know why filesharing would be this slow?