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  1. I just hooked up a APC UPS, 1500VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector, BX1500M and It seems too easy lol here is a pic of the config screen:
  2. Remote is through plex only, the question was for access to manage the shares between hops on the same net/subnet
  3. This is not an open network, and I have had no problems with this in the 10 or so years i have been doing it? What would make me go to thr e trouble of installing and upkeeping a vpn when it hasn't been necessary?
  4. This has probably been asked and answered 1000 times, but I cannot find it...:(. I have a fios gateway and my primary network (orbi rbk-50 + 3 satelites) is setup off of that. I am trying to allow plex to run remotely (externally) through their apps, etc. In order to get this stable, I had to put the server on the fios gateway network. This isolated it and though i can access the unraid webgui I cannot get to the share folders themselves to manage the data. What am i missing here, I have been using smb for this up until now. Thanks loads, Ice
  5. Here are the Temp stats for this case, running for about two months now. Under a media scan in emby this is an average of 43 degrees on the hard drives (WD Purple 10TB) and it might reach 30 degrees for the board, maybe 38 degrees for the cpu. I am so happy this turned out this well
  6. Just went through with my Silverstone DS380 build and modifications, let me know what you think. the temps and airflow are improved greatly after some real trial and error (could not have been done without you guys). Here are some pics (gimme a little time to add them) to answer most of the questions.
  7. I still miss the old version (worked out of the box for me) since I am having so many issues with getting this one working, it will not even see my DISKS, and shows no UNRAID folder as well as the issue with Unassigned devices. the video by SpaceInvader seems to be for the older version and just confused the dickens out of me (not a hard difficult Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. My original cache is heating up more than it should and I am taking this time to replace it before it fails. it is a 250gb SSD and has 4 udma crc errors on it and has had them forever with no apparent issues otherwise. I am replacing it with 2 x 500gb samsung evo860's that I happen to have. I do not use the cache for vm's and I am retty sure the only thing that uses it may be emby. I have been looking for the info in prior posts and have not found the answer to my query. Is there anything special I have to do?
  9. Too bad that the planing on this case is so poor, just a few very simple changes would have made this a great case
  10. I literally just reassigned the system to a new network and the assigned it back to the original network