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  1. My original cache is heating up more than it should and I am taking this time to replace it before it fails. it is a 250gb SSD and has 4 udma crc errors on it and has had them forever with no apparent issues otherwise. I am replacing it with 2 x 500gb samsung evo860's that I happen to have. I do not use the cache for vm's and I am retty sure the only thing that uses it may be emby. I have been looking for the info in prior posts and have not found the answer to my query. Is there anything special I have to do? mediaserver1-syslog-20200917-2202.zip
  2. Too bad that the planing on this case is so poor, just a few very simple changes would have made this a great case
  3. I literally just reassigned the system to a new network and the assigned it back to the original network
  4. I have a weird one. Some shares show up and are accessible on my network, but others just show up that do not exist and some are missing and even typing in the correct address. This happened when i was moving files from one drive to another and it copied some of the folders to the USER folder of shares. I corrected that quickly by moving the folders to where they were intended but it seems windows now sees them as shares and can longer access the rest of my shares even though emby on the same system sees them without issue. I attaching a log and two pics, I hope that will help. This is on Version: 6.6.6, and yes I know I should up grade.
  5. Awesome, thanks loads, I don't use either Thanks again, Ice
  6. I never notice these before Do these items have to be enabled? HVM: Disabled IOMMU: Disabled Thank you for all, Ice
  7. yeah, there was a power outage while it was still on the bench and not hooked up to the ups my bad luck
  8. So I am good then...lol, sweating the small stuff after all that's gone on with this server Thanks loads, Ice
  9. I just got my server back and fir parity check threw 5 sync errors. When I check the gui I saw the cache was marked as not protected and upon looking at the logs I see a lot of warnings. What should I d o to resolve these issues? mediaserver1-syslog-20190812-1234.zip
  10. Yeah, i always use the qvl and all three sets were on it...Bought a new older board and a cpu for it just in case Right now it's still limping along on 8gb. Thanks for all Ice
  11. I thought I would put my money and skills where my mouth is. I did the mods I mentioned above...I took the original fans off, removed the screw boss/shoulder, drilled hole to match Noctua Fan fastener, Attached foam (Creatology Adhesive Foam Sheet) and installed the 4 NF-A8 fans with the accompanying hardware. Installed a Silverstone pwm fan hub (model: SST-CPF04) to run them all. Pics below (I have a complete series of pics for this, if anyone wants to see them I will post here), doing amazing at keeping the drives in the sweet spot (32-35C). Thank you so much for the ideas and work you did on the original mod. Ice
  12. Up and running, all seems well with my unraid install and array However, I seem to have lost a ram slot on my mobo, or lets put it this way, it won't boot (endless fast beeps) with anything but one stick of memory in the board. I am thinking it may just be the board as it was a used replacement and since I have tried three different sets of memory, it also will not let me load a stick into any other slots. Any ideas? btw, the lsi cards are amazing