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  1. Outstanding, thanks. My server has been down due to what i think is a faulty case switch, but I will return it to it's old glory then attempt the new card changeout. thanks again, Ice
  2. I just ordered a LSI 9201-16i LSI00244 and I am just asking if there is anything specific that I have to do when transferring my drives over to this controller from my marvel controllers?
  3. I am selecting a shield over the HTPC because my htpc will cost 500+ for the upgrade to do 4k the way I want to (Intel 8th gen), and I am so used to using a browser that the shield seems a perfect replacement for it, at a lesser cost. Plus it has does have games even though i do not game anymore (no time) . I also like that I can chose between plex and kodi (kodi prefered) on the client. I would, however, choose an intel nuc if I had the extra money laying around I have tried all, that's why i am begrudgingly selecting plex. I say begrudgingly, because I have a seriously large collection and correct their metadata errors is a real pain as they all are, however it seems to the best as a server with the most stability, I am just hoping it has the performance i need I have also used roku (sold it), WDLive Plus (Still use it, even without 4k), I built my htpc (6 years ago) because all of the devices at that time did not perform anywhere close to what I needed and the addition of a browser made the choice a good one. But now I am looking for alternatives and convenience. I guess my question was more about the comparisons between the plex server other servers that will play well with my unraid (had real trouble the last time I tried to set up plex), such as emby. Thank so much for the input, Ice
  4. I am sure this has been hashed and re-hashed many times, but I can't seem to find many opinions on this subject concerning the unraid server and what is the best of the media servers to use with it. I am hoping to gather info on whether I should use plex server (and which version from whom) with kodi as a client on either a pc or a nVidia Shield TV (with supper fast 512gb usb thumb drive integrated). I am weighing the differences because the shield is a cost of about $350 (including drive and stand) and updating my htpc would be costing about $575, on the other hand i am open to something like an xbox, however I do not game I am also hoping this will allow me to stream to my mobile devices and my son to stream from the server at his house. I generally do all of my own tagging and media management. Any input at all, is greatly appreciated Thanks, Ice
  5. This topic is solved, the problem has not resurfaced Thank you all, Ice
  6. Restarted server and now running parity check (auto-started) all apps are now fine, thanks for your help. i am very puzzled as to why, though
  7. yes these were all running with no errors...that's why the 'What the heck'? Yes, I tried click here... mediaserver1-diagnostics-20190225-0020.zip
  8. For any of my plugins which are only the few like CA Auto update & Fix common problems etc. also not able to turn on system notifications getting this in the header: System notifications are disabled. Click here to change notification settings. I just looked and they are all listed as author: anonymous, Version: Unknown and Status: unknown
  9. Yeah I saw that too, its why I am confused, is t maybe spinning down? and if so how do I stop that from happening? By the way Constructor, Thank you so much, and same to all here that help myself and others
  10. Parity check ran on new schedule last night except it is now finding a error Feb 23 01:00:01 mediaserver1 kernel: ata5.00: exception Emask 0x52 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x400c01 action 0x6 frozen Feb 23 01:00:01 mediaserver1 kernel: ata5.00: irq_stat 0x08000000, interface fatal error Feb 23 01:00:01 mediaserver1 kernel: ata5.00: exception Emask 0x52 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x400c01 action 0x6 frozen Feb 23 01:00:01 mediaserver1 kernel: ata5.00: irq_stat 0x08000000, interface fatal error With all the reading i have done this may just be a cable or power cable error (would make sense if there is a defective one, since I just changed them all). I have included diag mediaserver1-diagnostics-20190223-1205.zip
  11. Trying that now, I have moved the scheduled day to Saturday. If it doesn't run tonight I will know and will post either way, thanks so much for the help, Ice
  12. Nope still running every night, will change parity schedule to Monday
  13. Ran last night, will see if the glitch is over tonight
  14. This setting (sunday at 0100) has worked without a hitch on this version until about a week ago. I will however, update and reset calendar to monday instead mediaserver1-diagnostics-20190216-1027.zip