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  1. Hey All, How can we use Plex Live/DVR with Unmanic? As I record a show, I notice that it tries to convert while it is still recording, possibly causing problems with the show/movie. Would love to use Unmanic instead of Handbrake and keep the files appropriately in the right folders.
  2. I basically turned off all audio encoding. Thus far it's been working fine. I am hoping that there is a fix in the making.
  3. @Josh.5 Seems like i'm not the only one having this issue. Any way to figure this out and resolve?
  4. @Josh.5 Hate to say it, but its doing it again. High Ram and CPU usage. Will work for a little while, but then go into high usage mode. Am I the only one is having this problem?
  5. @Josh.5 So I completely deleted the container and the folder and reinstalled. So far so good, however, now my hardware transcode is not working. Current settings, but I thought this was correct.
  6. @Josh.5 Exactly! My CPU and RAM spikes to 100% when unmanic is running. This wasn't happening in before so it's crazy to me where the issue is coming from. Love unmanic and want to continue using it...just need to figure out how to get it running properly again without killing all resources and processes. On a separate note, where should the transcode be running? Should it be through the ram or somewhere else? I have 2TB cache and as you see 64GB of RAM.
  7. While it's not running, it looks like this...
  8. Completely agree and have done the same thing based on your intial posts of CPU limiting and hardware acceleration setup. When I start unmanic, however, resources still shoot up. Above is the current setup that I have. Below is what happens when I start unmanic. I have also attached my settings to make sure I'm not going crazy...
  9. I tried the cloning process, however, it still gives me the same overload of the resources. it may not be as long, but it is still slowing everything down. In addition, I am noticing that it hasn't transcoded the videos for my tv shows. They are currently sitting and keeps trying to just do movies. I don't know what is going on here.
  10. What is the consequence if audio transcoding isn’t checked? How does it affect the file from a playback perspective?
  11. Had to stop the docker as it was slowing my computer and freezing it. Has there been a fix as to keeping it from overloading the CPU and Memory, while making sure that it is encoding through the gpu?
  12. Has anyone ran into the problems where you request a movie/tv show on the mobile app, but you receive an error stating: "cannot deserialize the current json array (e.g. [1,2,3]) into type Ombi Mobile.Models.Ombi.V1.RequestResult..." Looking to get this working on the mobile app. It works fine in the browser.
  13. Is there a way to use unmanic with Plex Live TV/DVR? I have run into the issue that the docker will start converting the video file as it is still recording onto the folder. Don't particularly want to use Handbrake at this point.
  14. Hey Guys! I am recording shows through Plex DVR. As it is recording, Unmanic is watching the folder and starts to convert it to a mkv file. The problem is that I will get an error after it is done recording. I am wondering is there a way to keep unmanic from starting the conversion until after it is finished? Do we have to use a post process script to make this work? Any information and direction would be appreciated.