MSI B550 Mortar??

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Hello Guys I know this is random and out of the blue, but I would like to know if any of you guys have an unRaid setup using a b55o motherboard with a Ryzen CPU because I made a big purchase for an MSI B550 Mortar Mobo and it doesn't seem to be compatible with unRaid I have used unRaid as a test on older PC's but this was a big step for me at actually making my dreams and project come to life

My idea was to Buy a b550 motherboard with a Ryzen 7 chip to half the cores and threads to make a home server and 2 gaming machines running in a VM for my younger brothers, they both asked me for a gaming machine to play call of duty, star wars and Fortnite as they are both teenagers I decided to go through with it as it will be good for us to spend time gaming and building the machine together.

Turns out while testing that MSI b550 Mortar doesn't support it and I was wondering if anyone here has a bit of luck with MSI or any other brands because I'm thinking of switching the motherboard this was supposed to be ready for Christmas for gaming all day sesh but I guess they are gonna have to wait a bit longer for that. Right now as I cant replace the motherboard it is set up as a normal Machine for 1 user.

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I have "MSI x470 gaming plus max" and I have no issues with the motherboard.

I did update the bios to the latest version, enable IOMMU and HVM, disabled C-States, disabled ram XMP and I let it run at stock speed.

Also look for "Power Supply Idle Control" (or similar) and set it to "typical current idle" (or similar).

What did you use when you created the VM ? SeaBIOS or OVMF

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