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Changing USB settings to allow UEFI boot

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I just upgraded almost all of my hardware (with exception of my HDDs and boot USB). I had read that it shouldn't be an issue, just a matter of installing the HDDs and USB and starting it up; however, I could not get it to work.


After a fair amount of messing with motherboard settings and watching the boot script run and looking at manuals and forums, I realized that my new motherboard runs UEFI and not BIOS. My old rig was BIOS and when I created my boot drive all that time ago, I didn't check the box to enable UEFI boot.


To verify, I created a new boot drive with UEFI enabled and was able to fire everything up. However, I'd like to keep all my old settings and my license key and do not want to work off of a new boot device.


Is it possible to go in and enable UEFI boot on my old flash drive? If not is it possible to get my license key transferred to the new instance? 

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35 minutes ago, trurl said:

Copy config folder from your original flash drive. Prepare original flash as a new install. Copy config folder back to flash drive.

Alright, I'm starting to think it may not be UEFI but something else. I did the new install and then added back my old config folder and I am still having the same issue. It seems like it isnt assigning an IPv4 or IPv6 address when booting. The only way that I can get anything to load is through the GUI Safeboot mode.


Any ideas as to why the IP address won't populate. It works if I put in a new boot device without my old config files.

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Do you have HW passedthrough a VM ?  A graphic card for example ?


It is quite possible that the ID attributed on your previous system corresponds now to another HW element, maybe your NIC.


If so, ensure that VMs are not starting automatically, unbind the component(s) and restart Unraid.

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