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Great podcast, I think the next evolution will be the virtlisation of consumer GPUs, We can do already with @ich777's GVT-g plugin with iGPUs but its limited by the iGPU, When Intel release "DGx" to consumers I think this will be a game changer, hopefully Nvidia and AMD will follow?

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13 hours ago, xxredxpandaxx said:

Hmm that link doesn’t work for me. Says it can’t connect right now (Even though I have internet). When I try to search it inside the podcast app a bunch of other podcasts show up but not this one.

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Will look into this...

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Great podcast: I would not have guessed the topic of a server OS would make for such good listening, but it does the way you have done it.


I do have a question that arose from the discussion of VFIO allow unsafe interrupts:


I have a NVMe disk that looks to be misbehaving in the same way as you describe for video cards... I tried the VFIO allow unsafe interrupts switch but got no joy.


NVMe Passthrough Problem (Samsung EVO 980 Pro) - VM Engine (KVM) - Unraid

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