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Wake-On-WAN Suggestions

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As the thread title suggests, I'm looking for Wake On WAN recommendations.  I have my Unraid server on a moderately sized UPS.  A reasonable run time is set in apcupsd before doing a controlled shutdown.  The UPS is configured to stay on after a shutdown, but the server stays off until I go downstairs and power it back on.  This works fine when I'm home, but looking for a solution to power the server up when I'm away.


Ideally, something that can be set up as a Wake-On-WAN that can be sent via an iPhone.  An iOS app would be perfect, but something web page based could work as well.  I have full access to configure my router as well as an automatically updated dynamic IP.


Been searching and have found a number of options.  But really would like to hear from people who have working configurations for their Unraid servers.  Thanks!

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My Servers.  But the firewall at work blocks me from that.


My main use case is to power back up the media server (Plex) if power goes out when I'm away for an extended period of time.  Such as being on vacation, and wishing to watch a movie or show.


I know that my question isn't directly related to Unraid itself.  More of a general computer usage question.  (Enable WOL in BIOS, set appropriate router port forwarding, a dynamic IP associated to a URL, and some means to send a magic packet).  But figured this community more than most would have need for this use case, so was looking for what has been proven by others as BKM.

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