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Relatively simple feature. I would like the ability to clone a VM when its off. This would be done off of the click menu:


Lot of use cases for this and easier to implement then snapshots. Sometimes I want to test things in VM's and want to just be able to make a copy to then have in case I want to revert. Also useful for having a baseline image that is already configured to easy prop up a VM without doing the whole install. Recently I wanted to try Windows 11. Would have been nice to simply be able to duplicate my Win10 VM and upgrade that, then have both available to me to choose from. 

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2 hours ago, Arbadacarba said:

Even just the ability to clone the configuration and give it a new name... I do this routinely when I'm resurrecting a clients dead drive. I plug it into my USB or Drive Bay (Hot Swap) and boot the machine up with a standard configuration and attach the physical drive to the VM

For the config (only), just copy paste the config using XML mode, it is a manual method, but not that arduous to do.

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I'm doing this manually at the moment, with a baseline VM that I copy vdisks from to a new VM's folder, than manually edit settings.


Ideally, clicking "Clone" would bring you to a VM creation page, with all details filled out to match the previous VM.

Starting at this point would give some sort of error, telling you to change at least the name, I guess.

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+1 - As someone that has come from a Window OS and learning more each day the more "manual" way I can say having the steps to clone being something as simple as

  1. Right-Click
  2. Select Clone
  3. Depending on settings it either
    1. Auto creates an exact copy just adds suffix to file name or something like that
    2. Takes you to the VM creation page pre populated with original VM settings.
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Did the same as @-Daedalus; found creating the config afresh is better than copying the xml file. However, there seems to be an issue with the computer name: it'll be the same for both in a Domain Controller use case. Using my QNAP NAS as a DC for some tests. Changed the clone's name which reflected the same under Computers in the DC. Stopped this VM and turned on the original VM and the computer name reverted back to this original's one. The Computer name remained as that of the original VM with both VMs on. Not a major issue though. Perhaps clone and change the names before joining either to the DC?🤔

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