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How to use SSD as stand alone mount share for ZoneMinder? Don't want to add to array or cache.

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Just added a 1TB SSD for recording home security video via ZoneMinder. How do I use it? I've formatted it as BTRFS, mounted it, and it's location is /mnt/disks/212307B02. I've gone into ZoneMinder to add a data source, but it doesn't read the availability of the drive.


I want this drive to be on its own, not in the array or cache, and just serve as a standalone drive for event recordings.

What am I missing? 

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You can create a cache pool that is standalone using the "Enable user share assignment: No" option, on the Shares page, these show up under the Disk Shares section instead of being part of a User Shares.


An alternative solution is before we had multiple pools, we used Unassigned Devices to do the same thing, although I personally prefer using UD for transient devices rather than permanent ones.

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8 hours ago, tjb_altf4 said:

I just reread your first post, I think you talked about 2 seperate things.
You stated the disk is mounted here: "/mnt/disks/212307B02", that reads like it has been mounted using UD.

In which case if you want to use that option, the docker path being passed needs the slave option to be used.

EDIT: Hoopster just beat me lol

Where do I find this setting?

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Yeah I have no idea. I was able to get advanced view on, and these settings still don't show up. Found another post that suggested  going to settings of the undefined device and enabling automount, passed through, and share. I've done that, going back in, automount is not staying enabled. I can access the share via windows machine, even writing to it without a login. Zoneminder still wont see it though. This is ridiculous.

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3 hours ago, Original_Vecna said:

I was able to get advanced view on, and these settings still don't show up

Below is what you should see for reference.  This is a mapping to a UD location for my MakeMKV container that uses a UD location for its output folder.


The path is the UD folder and it is set to R/W Slave access mode.  I know you are having  problems but something like this is what you need to get to.




Here are the settings for the Unassigned Device called WD_Blue:


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On 11/28/2022 at 10:06 PM, tjb_altf4 said:

If you use the Slave option, the path should show in ZoneMinder

Ok, so I stopped the array, and have added the drive as a pool.

I can see it in Main, and it is labeled Recording. Says it is mounted to /mnt/recording when I check in a terminal window, /mnt/recording is there.

However if I go into Zoneminder, it doesn't recognize it, and neither does if I go to a windows computer and check \\ip of server\. All my other shares show up, but recording doesn't, which I'm assuming is the reason Zoneminder doesn't see it.


I can't create a user share off of this drive, as it still isn't showing up in the disks list when I try and create one.

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