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Does long preclear indicate a problem with the drive?

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I have a set of 4 Seagate EXOS drives for my Unraid project.  I started the preclear at the exact same time for all of them.  3 of the drives pretty much finished within a few minutes of each other.  However 1 drive is taking it's sweet time.  They are all plugged into the onboard SATA controller and when preclear started the read process they were all showing around 250MB, which is good, from what I've learned.  But as the pre-read cycle was nearing 100% (maybe around 70%) the speeds started slowing down - and in this last drive down to about 140MB. 


My question is - does this one drive (the top one in the pic) that is taking much much longer than the other 3 drives indicate any type of problem with the drive?  I would think they would all be relatively the same speed.  They are the same MGF date, same firmware. 



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I had read some other forum/reddit posts where the consensus was that the controller was bottlenecked, but as you can see in this next picture, when that drive started zeroing, it had similar write speeds as the other drives.  I'm sure that the drives slow down as they get to the "end of the disk", but a 3 hour difference?  No SMART errors or anything on this disk so far.  Same temps as the other ones.  The system is a Z790 i7-12700, 64G DDR5 ram, so I doubt it's a system bottleneck .  CPU is jumping all over the place, but load is between 25-29% while the preclear is happening. 



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