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Considering posts like the above, maybe at some point the Feature Requests forum deserves a cleanup. It would make it easier for people, especially new users and those coming in from searches, to know what feature requests are still valid. Can moderators mark a topic as Solved or is it only the original poster? Or maybe there should be another subforum called completed?

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21 hours ago, JonathanM said:

Currently moderators are not able to move threads to subforums. I didn't realize that when I made the request. Could you please investigate?



Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 11.05.48 AM.png


Should be good now but please let me know if other permissions need to be adjusted.

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@JonathanM @SpencerJ Bit of a semantics question here, what should i do with "Feature Requests" that are solved by functionality available in a plugin? My thought would be move them to completed unless the request is specifically to integrate the functionality (or plugin) into unRAID itself.

Also what about requests that weren't really completed so much as they already existed and the user just needed to be pointed to the functionality?


p.s. Happy Thanksgiving

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7 hours ago, primeval_god said:

what should i do with "Feature Requests" that are solved by functionality available in a plugin?

Considering that Community Apps was an optional plugin until just recently, I'd say a maintained plugin fulfills the feature request. If the plugin isn't kept compatible with new versions of Unraid, then the feature request would be unfulfilled.


Yeah, I know I didn't answer the question.


Requests that already existed should definitely be moved to the completed section, that way an intelligent reader should be able to infer that the listed feature is already available. Newly posted feature requests for the same item can just be merged into the existing completed thread.

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