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Cloning windows formatted hard drive for unraid

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I have three 16 TB drive all formatted for Windows. I do also have cold storage backups for them, so this may not be as painful as it need to be. They are all formatted for Windows... And unassigned devices keeps, I don't know crashing or something. The drives just drop. 


I want to format them as xfs, or whatever is native to unraid. 


Does anyone have thoughts about the quickest way to do this, preferably without taking my server down. I know formatting one of the drives and then copying all the data would work, and I did that when I moved everything into cold storage, but God it's slow and tedious and arguably I would probably switch my cold storage too xfs format as well. 


I was debating buying a cloner, but it looks like for any of those the target drive needs to be bigger than the source drive and they are not. In fact they're the exact sam

e size.


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19 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Do you mean you just want to format them xfs or copy the data first?

What ever gets the, to xfs with the data the fastest... Like I said. I'd love if one of those disk cloners that do like 30 gigs a min could just transfer the data with out reformatting the drive, but I believe they need to be the same format and destination needs to be bigger.   And just copying them is going to take forever.  Just curious if anyone has any suggestions.

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Ok, so I set up Duplicity since that seems to be what people are suggesting...

Its going at a speed of 8.73 mbs and is going to take 15 days.... And that doesn't feel right. I can transfer from my pc to the disc on the network at 100 over ethernet, and these to drives are in a nas bay.


I did set it up to use -threads 1, but from what I read that should not make a difference. Is that wrong?

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1 hour ago, HoochShepherd said:

Random question... Rsync continues to run in the background even if I close the browser window I assume?

tmux ensures the session stays running no matter how you start the rsync.

Unfortunately it's not included with Unraid by default, so it must be added.


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Ok, so I have to wait till current session is done before I can close this:?image.thumb.png.16fe2bcd0fd3b42d5cd70ac83c681bf2.png

Cause keeping this open all the time seems counter productive.

Installing tmux and I can close it.? Can I kick it to the background and then close it now?  Its been a while since my old unix class.

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Did you attach the correct screenshot? I don't see any rsync commands.


tmux must be run before a command is started AFAIK. There may be some secret squirrel high level way to move running commands to different sessions, but I'm not aware of


I linked a tmux starter guide in my comment, linked to the word tmux.


In a nutshell, you fire up tmux, it creates sessions that can be manipulated and continue running.

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