second thick question of the day. flash is empty!!!!!

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I download PMS from the Plex website, copied it to boot/extra, installed the package using  installpkg /boot/extra/PlexMediaServer-*-unRAID.txz. The server was still online at this point.


Then I went to copy the plex updater from my desktop to /boot/config/plugins but when I went to \\tower\flash there was nothing there just an empty drive.


I shut the sever down via the webgui, pulled the usb and stuck it in my laptop. Windows said there is a problem with your drive do you want to scan. I clicked no and went to the usb via windows explorer and every thing is present.


BUT the server won't boot. 

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That's exactly what I did. It seems like all is well now. Going to get me a new usb to be safe.


Just FYI if you use a new flash drive you will need a new key. The license is tied to the flash GUID.

Which is why Limetech offers a discount on a second key license, so you can have a backup.


While this a great valid point, For me spending extra money on a key that i will not use seem waste full. example i buy adobe and my drive croaks i don't have to pay the whole license again because of hardware failure. Just my feeling, I also always tell people to buy new rather same something they've had sitting around for a long time.

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Note that a 2nd key is only $30 extra.    Not sure how long after you bought the original one Tom will still sell you a 2nd one for that ... but when I bought mine many years ago I decided a few months later a spare would be a good idea, and a quick e-mail exchange with Tom confirmed I could still buy the 2nd one for the difference.


You can also buy the spare "un-assigned" ... i.e. he'll note that he owes you one, and you can at any time provide the GUID for the new flash drive you want to use.


Even for a home user, $30 is a pretty nominal fee.


A spare key is also useful for trying new things -- you can leave your main key unaltered, and then try an upgrade; a new add-in; etc. ... and if anything goes awry you simply reboot with the original key  :)


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