[Feature Request] - Change the Home page to Dashboard

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Change the "Home" page to "Dashboard" instead of "Main" and rename the "Main" page to something else, like "Array". When you go to http://Tower in your web browser, it would make more sense to show the "Dashboard" page first as that is more of an array overview. The "Main" page needs a more suitable name like "Array" or something along those lines.


You could go a step further and make it user configurable, but I don't think that is necessary.


I thought I read somewhere that this change was in discussion but I thought I would bring it up here as I've thought about this myself.



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Perhaps the "dashboard" can be left unprotected in order to display the server/drives status etc.

Configuration shall be available only after login of course.


That actually makes some sense.


Of course if that's decided they should really remove the list of shares from the dashboard since it shows export - hidden shares, which I assume are set that way because you don't want everyone on your LAN to know they exist.


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This is clearly a personal preference, and I personally would not be in favor of making the Dashboard the default, hope I'm not the only stick-in-the-mud.  I personally find the Dashboard almost useless, missing most of the info on the Main screen, so the few times I've checked out the Dashboard, I quickly returned to the Main screen.  But we are all different.  I agree, an option to make either of them the default Home page would be nice.


I also feel the Main screen should be the default for new users, until they are comfortable with the system.  Then they can choose what they prefer.


I wouldn't mind seeing a few Dashboard items appearing on the Main screen, in mini form.  Perhaps a bar at top or bottom with an inch for current memory usage, an inch for CPU activity on each CPU, 2 inches for network activity both ways, etc.  It would be especially nice to have an immediately selectable page update option, the Real-time/Regular/Slow/Disabled switch right here.  So that at any time I could click Real-time and monitor the temps and CPU and network activity, then click back to Slow or Disabled when done.

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