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  1. I've been an unraid user for a couple of years now but got sync errors on my most recent run. About 3 months ago I had issues related to bad SAS to SATA cables. Where a disk was disabled due to a failed write. I replaced that cable and had no problems for 2 months until my regularly scheduled check ran last night. I'm not sure how to read the logs, can you help me identify if it's a filesystem error, bad cable still, or a disk having problems? And help me out by telling me the proper course of action to correct the issue? Would love to go back to not having parity errors for years.
  2. This is in version 6.2.4 but it might exist before this version. When you are on the Main Page under the Array Devices Tab with the Help text on there are some links embed in the help text to help you navigate and change settings. In Example: Temp. (temperature) is read directly from the device. You configure which units to use on the Display Preferences page. We do not read the temperature of spun-down hard drives since this typically causes them to spin up; instead we display the * symbol. We also display the * symbol for SSD and Flash devices, though sometimes these devices do
  3. I got this installed up and running tonight using my HDhomerun. It found my channels and figured out the muxes and all that, but I didn't get the EPG figured out. Also I wasn't sure how to change the recording directory, which I want to be a cache enabled share. I turned it off since I wasn't 100% up and running, (but very close.) Where do I change the record directory, and is there a good guide to figuring out the EPG with a HDHomerun (with OTA antenna)?
  4. Hey! 4.0.9 is still the most recent stable version of tvheadend... I just recently moved back home so I have my server in operation again. I will most probably look into updating to 4.2 in the next days. I apologize, I didn't realize that 4.2 was not the most recent stable, tricked by their website. X_X
  5. Stumbled across this... because I have an HDHomerun now... is this no longer supported or getting updates?
  6. /disk 5/ should be /disk5/ also if the folder is Emby Media your going to have to either put it in quotes or escape the space since spaces are meaningful. Also Also I should just be cd cd /mnt/disk5/"Emby Media"
  7. PhAzE's Plex Plugin is also pretty well done if all you want to do is Plex.
  8. Is your local DNS server included as a DHCP Push Option in your VPN setup?
  9. Well, if you have port 22 exposed, you will get hits within a day.. At least a higher non standard port will make it a bit harder for them.., Just a little bit though. You really need to use a VPN.
  10. yes, well regardless, the mover should not fail like this (If i'm getting it right). I don't think Mover (Read Rsync) is failing. I do think that ResierFS is failing.
  11. Just throwing this out there, I thought ResierFS doesn't fully support xattrs, hence the requirement of using XFS for the file integrity tool.
  12. Now that I am on 6.2 and have my dual parity set up, I'm thinking about installing System Temp for the first time, it seems like it takes a bit more then just installing the plugin, is there a walkthouh or step by step guide on getting System Temp up and running?
  13. I would not expect existing settings about the cache usage by shares to be changed. However if you did not have cache enabled at the global level, or if you do not physically have a cache drive then that is the settings I would expect. I had a share change to "Use Cache - Only" the good news is that it's super simple to fix that.
  14. In theory it should help recover / prevent file system errors.