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  1. It's it true that solid state drives are always filled up according to those graphs posted? Will empty space always be shifted in the right side of the graph/drive or will it be more like a sawtooth pattern on a well run in drive where data may have been deleted in random areas of the drive?
  2. Just to make sure I understand it right. The flat line that basically indicates the max. interface throughput is trimmed (empty) space on the SSD?
  3. Those are the features I personally need most. 🤤 Thanks for finally bringing this to life.
  4. I can second this find. I'm playing with a HP NL54 microserver. After installing the plugin it detects the correct sensors. Assignment of sensors Pressing "APPLY" Of course, no sensor data is displayed. After deleting /etc/sensors.d/sensors.conf I can repeat the procedure. If the file is not deleted or modified like below, no chance to get the selection back. Initial sensors.conf root@Tower:~# cat /etc/sensors.d/sensors.conf # sensors chip "k10temp-pci-00c3" label "temp1" "CPU Temp" chip "w83795adg-i2c-1-
  5. Is the PCB itself genuine LSI or a rebrand? For LSI you shouldn't need the workaround as for the rebranded cards. Have you tried the toolset I used for the Dell adapters? Should be linked in my signature. Ima posting this from my mobile so can't provide a link right now.
  6. The router will sent the magic packet and wake up the machine if it sees traffic dedicated for the server, but the NIC will have to do its job and listen for it. The router setting just takes over the wake-up task that you would need to perform by hand with a wake up command sent from PC or smartphone. Maybe on those server boards the WOL is done via the management interface? The support should be able to help.
  7. The wake-up can not be performed by the plugin. The feature is called wake-on-lan aka. WOL and it must be configured in the BIOS if you use the on-board NIC. Check the manual of your board. If you use an add-on NIC the issue gets more sophisticated.
  8. @trurl I'm using Tapatalk here and I selected the name off the list that popped up but for reasons the link failed!?But I see there is a difference once the post is online. Edit: Once edited, the link gets fixed... Just edit and save without any modification.
  9. I suppose one of your 4TB drives is parity at the moment. The new drive is bigger than your current drives, so it will have to be the new parity drive. The parity needs to be at least as big as your biggest data drive. I'm not sure how the preclear is handled in recent versions. Maybe can help here? For the Plex thing you should read up on how to use docker containers and see if that works for you. IIRC there is also a install package on the Plex site if you want to go that way. Sorry for the global answers, but I'm travelling at the moment and can't provide links as I'm writi
  10. Hi, welcome to the unRAID forums. If you didn't know by now, writing everything in CAPITAL letters is considered as SHOUTING to others. Now we have 3 possibilities on the receiver side: 1. You are not sure about your orthography skills and go all capital. 2. Your caps-lock has been unintentionally stuck. 3. You are intentionally shouting at us. Please elaborate.
  11. Hi, basically the first step should show you the properties of the card. sas2flsh.exe -c 0 -list If your drives show up in unRAID it's also a good sign of success.
  12. Yes, it is allowed as long as it's not excessive and the first disaster happened some years ago. By that time webmail access was still allowed and somebody launched one of those encrypting malwares that he received on his private mail. It started encrypting shares on the server ... Webmail is blocked since.
  13. Yes, for some time I had a portable Firefox working but they updated the anti virus and now it will delete any version of a portable browser if it is executed. I noticed, when I actively log off from the forum, I won't be logged in automatically next time.
  14. As I mentioned, this is the company machine. I don't know what the IT guys configured in detail. I see the whole "security" tab is missing in my options and a notice says that some settings are controlled by the sysadmin. They prevent the use of other browsers than IE and Edge.
  15. Yes, I have set the same settings. Edit: Checked it to be 100% sure... The setting to "Delete browser history" does NOT remove temporary files. Check yourself, go to "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\" and you will find lots of files in \Content.IE5\ and \Ie\. I don't trust that setting and run a batch to delete the files. Still, logs me in, even if all is deleted.