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  1. Fireball3

    Ability to Pause Parity Check

    I remember this one
  2. Fireball3

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Kodi-Headless

    The specs of the banana are similar to the RPi 2: Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 CPU Dual core Mali 400 MP2 GPU 1G DDR3 SDRAM
  3. Fireball3

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Kodi-Headless

    Haven't thought about that tbh. Need to check how to set up the docker environment or whatever is needed. Will the banana be able to pull the docker, resource wise?
  4. Fireball3

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Kodi-Headless

    @sparklyballs I've seen your posts on the Kodi forums. I'm looking for some advice how to get a full kodi stripped down to a headless version. I'm running an Armbian Stretch (Debian) Image on a BananaPi M2 Berry. There is a Kodi available in the repository that I could install right away. My intention is to run a headless Kodi for the DB and since resources on the BananaPi are limited, I would like to remove the overhead. Is it possible? Where should I start?
  5. Thanks for your feedback @thespooler! I will prepare a new revision based on your remarks. I also had that DOS4GW issue once and never managed to figure what it was about. At the moment I don't recall how I solved the issue, but I did without DOS32A, which of course is a very elegant workaround. As long as your current controller is adressing the drive by its serial, you should be safe when moving drives. There are Areca controllers that add a layer and obfuscate the drive serial which causes trouble when moving. Of course you can turn parity correction off and see what happens. In case of errors (low count) you probably need to run the correcting check though.
  6. Fireball3

    Freezing after hardware upgrade

    ASRock is a subsidiary of Asus. Asus and Gigabyte have about the same maket share in motherboards. The return rate is also similar. I guess its no big difference what you choose. I was a loyal Asus customer for several upgrade-cycles but when I started having troubles with their products I swiched to Gigabyte. If this is the return of experience of builds running unRAID, you have a point. You could also run a linux live system and see if it also locks up. If not, it is something related to unRAID.
  7. Have you tried with the multi thread option set to no? Also give it a try without adaptive. And finally start reading here and follow the troubleshooting instructions that I had to do. Only the ones targetting your issue of course. It's basically providing logs. Better read through the whole posts first as the instructions and scripts evolved and grab the last ones posted. If you have logs that can help to narrow down the issue please upload them here. @Alex R. Berg will take over then, hopefully.
  8. Fireball3

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    You wouldn't believe if I told ya, that I asked for this about 5 years ago. But, well, no, there is no such page yet. Edit: Okay, it's not 5 years - I was guessing yesterday night. It's almost 4 years. IIRC there must be another similar post but I'm lazy... I'm not sure if there is an API that you could use. @jbrodriguez is developing the ControlR app for Android. I guess he can tell how to pull data from the GUI.
  9. Did you guys "Turn it OFF and ON again" (aka reboot)?
  10. You should see an update for the plugin, don't you?
  11. There are several different issues in your collection of posts. Your particular issue is that the flash erase is erroring for whatever reason - I have never seen such. May be an issue with the card? Don't know! You can repeat that a couple of times and see if it succeeds anyhow. Another way is to uses sas2flsh, given it's working. sas2flsh.exe -o -e 6 But the script should use sas2flsh first and fall back to megarec if it's not working... I'm not sure if you use the batch files, as your screenshot shows you typed the megarec command manually!? The batch executes the megaRec -writesbr 0 empty.bin prior to the -cleanflash command. If the firmware host boot is failing, you can reboot your machine. This will also boot the card. Once the erase is done, you must use the Dell IT firmware! Then the P7 and finally P20.
  12. Have been watching the movie "Skyscraper" just recently. Will also recommends his wife to reboot her mobile because in 90% a reboot will solve the issue. Personally, I often wear this nice T...
  13. Fireball3

    [Plugin] Mover Tuning

    I'm trying to understand your statement. Your idea might work if you have an SSD, but with a spinner, your write throughput (to the cache) will dramatically slow down once you have reads in parallel! Same and even worse, with your array. Given an SSD cache, you will probably fill up the cache as you can't copy to the array fast enough. You will have to run the numbers to see if it works under any circumstance. Writes to idle cache ~110MB/s (Gbit LAN limit) Writes to idle array ~40-50MB/s Writes to cache while simultaneusly copying to array ~??? Writes to array while simultaneusly reading/streaming data ~??? You can easily lock down your array if you copy mass data during unfavorable times of high user activity - with or without mover. Therefore it's not wise to let the cache run into a high usage level and just rely on this logic.
  14. Indeed, in my experience a reboot has solved many mysterious things. You have a point there! Less means, drives are spun down or not? How is it with adaptive depth turned off? How is it with cache pressure set to 1?