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  1. 🎉Happy birthday! 🎉 Joined in 07/2013 after I realized that some of my dozen 1.5 TB Samsung harddisks, that I had on the shelf, were giving read errors when I needed them. 😱 Meanwhile I'm running 2 servers myself and another 3 builds are run by friends. I'm very grateful about this solution and wish you guys good health and long lives to keep it rocking! Many thanks and cheers! 🍻
  2. Very interesting read. I also experienced drop-outs but it was the RAM - a couple of times. IIRC the connection techniques of RAM and NVME are quite similar. Reseating the RAM solved the issue but it's very annoying, especially if I'm not at home and my family wants to use the media server. I wonder if you guys ever had this kind of connection issues?
  3. Issue: The binary used will lock up the machine if used with the logging option. Redirecting the output to a file works, but if there is a user action needed (prompt for y/n) it will not be visible. Q: Is there a way to have the output on screen and also redirected/duplicated to a file? Thanks in advance.
  4. Welcome to the UNRAID forums! Which board are we talking about? Is it the primary slot that used to be used with a graphics card? Maybe setting the graphics output to you primary video card, not the PCIe card. Try another slot?
  5. @itimpi May I add my 2 ct. for consideration as you're still in development. Several people are using the S3 standby plugin. The plugin performs some checks to evaluate if it can issue the S3 standby command. Do you think you can use that work to implement the "pause parity" feature in such a way, as to run automatically when the server is running idle? e.g. if there is "low activity" on the NIC or if the "running hours" is the only condition that is blocking the S3 sleep. (Probably need both to be able to stop the check when NIC load goes up again) This would be a very useful feature.
  6. I moved all cards with limited drive size support to the lower table "Not recommended extension boards" some time ago. I use the DELL H310 card (SAS2008 chip) with 10TB drives - no probs.
  7. Yes, depending on your settings for sigs. You can also do a forum search for hardware wiki.
  8. Writing from my mobile. Check my signature and go to the hardware wiki. There is a table with recommended controllers of all kind. Might provide a link later if you dont find it.
  9. You're right, I had my specific setup in mind when I wrote that. If my clients were RPi's, I probably wouldn't mind also.
  10. Of course they aren't. Not even the server is up 24/7, that's why I run the database on the bananaPi. Thanks for your feedback! I pulled the armv7 docker and fiddled around with it. The management of the server is pretty nice. Had trouble to link to the server via the EmbyCon plugin but the "Emby for Kodi" plugin worked right away. I let it scrape the Movies - OK. Set up a second library for shows but that is not showing up...guess I have to sign up on the emby forums. Thanks for pointing me into this direction! Emby looks more promising than the Kodi/MySQL combo.
  11. @saarg Would you mind to shed some light on the mentioned questions above? At the moment I'm not that far into Kodi/Sql so I could still switch to something more userfriendly.
  12. The reason why I went with kodi/mysql is that I don't want to have the .nfo and album art cluttering my server shares. Kodi keeps this kind of data in it's database. Does this also apply to Emby? If so, I'm willing to read up Emby.
  13. I vaguely remember having read something similar. I doubt I can find the source again. Edit: Here it is - this thread, some posts ago... Now this raises the question how to configure the scraper on the headless... I don't use sonarr, but a cron job should be doable. If you have some hints how this trigger looks like, would come in handy. Although headless, the docker has a webUI at port 8080. There are lots of settings but when I changed language and things and came back, changes were discarded. Is this by design or should it work? Next question is, how to set the scraper on the headless? I used the universal movie scraper on a client and it did quite well. But how to install the scraper plugin and configure that thing on a headless? I will do some research on that but if you have first hand info, don't hesitate to post here. I wonder if I'm the only one with this lack of info since I haven't found any comprehensive how-to for a headless setup from a-z.
  14. Got it. After I figured out, that there was no service listening on port 3306, I checked the content of /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/ and found another .cnf file. It seems the NextCloud distro uses a different name for that config file. After removing the bind-address setting in that file and restarting the service, the clients connect as expected. I still haven't found where to fire up the scraper. My expectation is, that the headless codi should do that job or am I wrong? I added a sources.xml pointing to the unRAID share into the userdata folder - is that enough?
  15. Yes, you can continue without worries. This backup step is not really necessary if you don't intend to revert back to the original firmware. Make sure you got the adapters.txt with your SAS adress.