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  1. CTRL+A Just highlight the text you are having difficulty reading Or you can "ctrl + A" and all the text is highlighted and readable
  2. As far as I can tell they are working great. Side note, I haven't had physical access to the drives yet as I am stuck out of country..... But temps do look good from what I can see, and speeds seem great, cant speak on the noise other than the wife hasn't complained. Unraid Parity check: 20-10-2020 21:43 Notice [UNRAID] - Parity check finished (0 errors) Duration: 19 hours, 12 minutes, 36 seconds. Average speed: 202.4 MB/s Pre clear takes a few days, I think it was about 3. Value is great. I picked them up for $386 Canadian each. Not bad at al
  3. System finally looking good, from 12Tb to 42TB of storage, no data loss.
  4. My apologies for not sharing this from the get go. Picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say sde is my disk 3, or should I say it was. As disk 3 is currently being emulated by the remaining 3. I set smart to healthy, so I can monitor SMART without going into the details if nothing changed..... Fully agree. The system is also online right now with new data having being written, thus I would require a rebuild anyhow to the best of my understanding Its my disk 3 that needs to be rebuilt from the other 3 drives in the system Some peop
  5. Sorry typed / read that last post out on my phone, so missed some stuff. I deleted the partition in unassigned devices, changed it to btrfs, (yes i know not a true format), copied 300GB of data or so. Formatted it back to XFS, copied around 600 GB of data to it and it on the surface it seems to be working. Was monitoring SMART and wanted to see the drive if it failed as hard as its seems to think it has. So what worries you when someone mentions format?
  6. Well aware that drive isn't being used. It's been formated and pre cleared twice as I mentioned. No other warnings for the other disks, but I am replacing all my 4TB drives as they are about 6 years old now and fully realize they are without parity. Overall health of the system looks good from what I can see. Just that drive I am concerned about. Think I am agreeing with that not rebuilding yet. I should have my confirmation email on Monday and hopefully this weekend I can put the wife to work and start the drive swapping. I am guessing 2-3 day
  7. So I have a disk (Seagate ST4000VN000) that fell out of my single parity array. From what I gather it was during a storm with power going in and out. I am behind a UPS and the timing is probably a coincidence, but who knows. 197 Current pending sector 0x0012 080 080 000 Old age Always Never 3376 198 Offline uncorrectable 0x0010 080 080 000 Old age Offline Never 3376 Doesn't look good I know So I have been running it through Preclear 187 Reported uncorrect 0x0032 001 001 000 Old age Always Never 311 And this is where I currently stand. Did a second Preclear and no change,
  8. @SlrG All is well with the latest plugin update. Thank you again.
  9. This is the error I get without the script I posted. Mar 10 08:05:35 unRAID proftpd[9325]: ([]) - notice: unable to use DefaultRoot '~/' [resolved to '/tmp/FTP/']: No such file or directory Mar 10 08:05:35 unRAID proftpd[9325]: ([]) - chroot to '~/' failed for user 'JaY_III': No such file or directory Mar 10 08:05:35 unRAID proftpd[9325]: ([]) - error: unable to set DefaultRoot directory
  10. For anyone looking to get this working with unRAID 6.8.x it is actually fairly simple. First I would like to talk about why this plugin no longer works with 6.8.x as it is currently implemented. Due to the tightening of security in 6.8.x we are no longer able to execute from the flash drive. mountscript.sh no longer is executing and as such the FTP will not have the folder structure require to allow logins and this can be seen in the system log. So we are left with a few options to fix this mountscript not executing. We can manually create the file structure required as
  11. Love: Docker Engine and KVM Would love to see: TRIM support on the array
  12. Thank you for this correction. I sort of forgot I was in a tunnel while setting up the software.
  13. If anyone is having troubles getting this working, here is what I did to set it all up using OpenVPN From the CA app, click the install button, it will bring up the settings we need to tweak to get this to work Step 1: Port Setup -> Remove : Host Port 3: Container Port: 8080 -> Set : Key 8: <to a free port number you wish to run this container on> Container Variable: WEBUI_PORT" -> Click : "Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device" Set it up as follows Config Type: Port Name: Host P
  14. mountscript.sh is stored in the plugin directory on your flash drive. Might be a little easier for you do this with notepad++ in windows than with nano or vi over SSH You can enabled sharing of your flash drive by login into unRAID -> Main ->Boot Device ->Flash ->SMB Security Settings Setup the security appropriately for your needs. You can then access it in windows \\unraid-name-or-ip\flash\config\plugins\ProFTPd
  15. Just an FYI Samsung is ending B-Die production https://www.anandtech.com/show/14327/samsung-to-end-b-die-ddr4-memory
  16. You would be best to look for support in the plugin thread. Have a look at my post here: I have gone over how to setup shares and read write access and I believe that post answers your question.
  17. Plugin works perfectly now on 6.7.0 FTP comes right back up on a system reboot. Thank you again @SlrG
  18. We have a problem with the update of the plugin you did yesterday. If you were still using the non beta plugin that does not work with 6.7.0, the update to the 23 May 2019 build will not work. The beta version works great however. Updating the beta to the 23 May 2019 Build works. I have noticed this: When updating the beta ProFTPd-SlrG-Dependency-1.7_x64.tar.gz rolls down to ProFTPd-SlrG-Dependency-1.5_x64.tar.gz From my working state, uninstalling the plugin then installing the from here: https://github.com/SlrG/unRAID/raw/master/Plugins/ProFTPd.plg.
  19. I wrote a quick blurb before on how I setup shares for FTP users that you may want to check out: Default permissions are deny to the best of my knowledge, so you may have incorrectly set permissions. When you say you have given yourself full root access, are you referring to full Read / Write permissions and not the root of the file system correct?
  20. I also seem to have had some issues with adoption issues. This seems to have fixed it for me. ssh into the AP run this command set-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform I my case I did this set-inform As per my system IP The port being what "Port used for device and controller communication" is set too in my case as 8080 is already in use by another container No other changes were made to the controller What I am not sure is why I had to redo this
  21. On RC5 ftp will not start Removed plugin (reboot) and reinstalled (reboot) and can not get it to start Rolled back to 6.6.7 and FTP starts without issues Upgrade back to RC5 and the FTP will not start I tried the file listed above (ProFTPd-SlrG-Dependency-1.6_x64.tar.gz) and edited ProFTPd.plg and the plugin does not even appear on the server upon reboot unRaid is not spitting out any errors the only thing the unRAID log file shows is Mar 10 01:24:05 unRAID emhttpd: req (3): cmd=%2Fplugins%2FProFTPd%2Fscripts%2Frc.ProFTPd&arg1=buttonstart&
  22. you have me stumped then as I have no issues using either NIC If I turn my bond off, I can assign an IP to eth0 or eth1 and can access my system from either NIC, as i have both wired into my switch.
  23. from the help one the page itself Mode 1 (active-backup) - default This mode places one of the interfaces into a backup state and will only make it active if the link is lost by the active interface. Only one slave in the bond is active at an instance of time. A different slave becomes active only when the active slave fails. This mode provides fault tolerance. If you dont want that, change the enabled bonding to "no"
  24. I highly doubt you have your NICs all bonded together. I have a network bond configured and this is what it looks like Also note, that just because you enable it in unRAID doesnt mean its going to work. You also need to configure your network switch to support the bond as well along with running the extra cat cables that are needed. As for how to tell unRAID what NIC to use, if you only need 1 NIC, only run 1 cat cable to the server. It will only get the one IP and the port you plug it into will be it. You can also turn off un-needed p
  25. Thank you for the help guys, this is working just perfect for my needs