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unRAID 6 Virtualization Update

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File storage program ??


It's a server OS


Well, you're both right!  With unRAID 6, you can store and protect data, run any application, and use localized virtual machines on the same single system.  The idea is to provide a platform that allows for further hardware consolidation, whether that hardware is intended to exist in the living room, in the office, or in the basement/a closet.  Not sure how someone could read that as "excessive" considering all the potential uses, but hey, some folks are just used to seeing "NAS" and thinking "storage appliance."  Those days are far gone though as every NAS solution I know seems to be adding support for more and more applications nowadays!

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??? Xen is referenced for historical context in the evolution unRaid's virtualization AND for the possibility of its return in later Unraid verions if Xen updates fix the current problems.


Where does this leave Xen with unRAID?


In January of this year, the Xen team released version 4.5 which represented a substantial rework of the hypervisor.  To put things in perspective, while 78,000 new lines of code were added, over 141,000 were removed, dubbing the nickname for Xen 4.5 as “Less is More.”  Among the release notes, there are hints of better performance, better hardware virtualization support, and significant improvements to manageability.  It is our plan to test the latest release after the final release of unRAID 6.0 to determine the future of Xen in unRAID.  Stay tuned to our blog for more information.

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