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[SOLVED] WD60EZRX - can only use approx 4.5TB of the space??

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Currently running unRAID 5.0.

I have 2ea WD60EZRX installed (bought months apart, both pre-cleared and passed).

unRAID reports 6TB of usable space per disk.

BOTH drives are only allowing me to use right at 4.5TB of space.

Checked and double-checked my share settings in unRAID and they are fine.


Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

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The Web GUI shows 6TB of free space on disk #12 and 1.54TB free on disk #13 ... and shows both as 6TB drives.


Why do you think it's only letting you use 4.5TB?


If the answer is because it started using a different drive after it filled up to the 4.5TB mark, that could be because of your allocation method settings.    Hard to say based on the details shown; but if, for example you're using high-water on a share that uses only disks #11 and #13, then when #13 hit 75% it may have switched to #11, which it will use until it hits 87.5% ... at which point it would switch back to #13 and fill it to 87.5%; etc.



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I disagree.

I'm writing directly to Disk 13 (Movies-ISO) folder.

I am not adding to the share folder.


Okay ... and it shows 1.54TB free => is it not allowing further writes?


I'm just trying to ascertain exactly WHY you're saying it won't allow more than 4.5TB of writes.


Also, you said "BOTH drives are only allowing me to use right at 4.5TB of space." ==> but disk #12 still has the full 6TB available, so you don't seem to have written anything to it.



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And it gets more interesting...

Frustrated, I went ahead and did a clean install to unRAID 6 rc3.

Prior to re-creating my shares, I tested trying to write additional data to Disk 13.

Same results as before. This leads me to believe it is definitely not a share issue.

I have since swapped D12 & D13 locations. The 'new' D13 is currently not part of the array so I can transition it to XFS.

The 'new' D12 [currently with 4.46TB of data on it] will not accept any further data writes.


So where do I go from here?


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So where do I go from here?
Following directions of the people trying to assist you would be a good start.
Post a syslog
Show a screenshot of the disk settings for disk 13.


and perhaps answering this ...


If you open a command prompt in Windows, what does it show for the following ?


dir \\tower\disk13


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My apologies for my last comment. I was trying to make you aware of what I had done so far.

To recap:

- Completed a clean install to unRAID 6.0rc3

- Prior to enabling share, attempted to write to D13 (which had 4TB+ of data) and could not

- Removed D12 from array (so i can convert it to XFS)

- Moved D13 to D12's old slot (so D12 is now the disk in question - note that both 6TB drives exhibit same behavior)


All drives in array are currently RFS.


All requested info (updated) is below.


Thank you


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Your writing to disk13 disk share and we have not yet seen the config for the disk13 share. Reply 21 shows the top portion of the disk page. The disk share configuration is shown on the bottom of the page. Please show the disk share config for the drive in question.

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