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Current Routine Maintenance Best Practices?


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I have had my server running for a few years now, and knock on wood, I have only had a couple of drives go south and didn't lose any noticeable amounts of data either time. Now that we are at release candidate on V6, I was looking for other opinions on what things need to be done routinely to keep a server at tip-top shape and to catch problems early.


I run parity checks monthly, pre-clear drives (twice) before adding them to the array, and check in on temps routinely. Beyond this, is there anything else I should/could be doing?



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This is more of a means to prevent possible stress situations, but replace your data drives once they hit a certain age. I picked the 5 year mark. While the drives can survive for longerand will run u til they die, i dont ever want to be in a data rebuild situation.


Power supplies are also candidates to replace after a certain age as their efficiency decreases as they age too.


The other maintenance is the typical cleaning such as using vacuum and compressed air to remove all dust bunnies.

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