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Upgrade from V5 to V6


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Hello all


What is the best way to upgrade from V5 to V6 AND also upgrade the hardware (mobo+CPU)?



You could change the hardware before or after the v5->v6 upgrade. 


unRAID is to a large extent hardware agnostic - if you are using the same USB stick and the same drives it should 'just work' after the hardware upgrade.

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As long as V6 will run on your hardware then I don't see that it matters, but like anything I'd only change one variable at a time....


Either upgrade the hardware and keep V5 then upgrade to V6 or upgrade to V6 then upgrade your hardware.


Just so any issues will be narrowed down if they crop up.

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I'm running 5.0.5 right now, and my flash drive is only a 512MB....(WebGUI says I have 486 MB free)

If I want to upgrade to v6.1.9, what minimum size should I get?

And how do I transfer my license to that new one? Should I send an email to Tom?

Anything 2GB + will be fine.  (try and stick less than 32gig as anything greater requires you to carefully make sure the stick is formatted as FAT32 not exFat)


After setting up the new stick as per https://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/Upgrading_to_UnRAID_v6 (and copying over your .key file from the original stick), when you boot up, unRaid will walk you through the process of transferring your registration.  Its all automatic with v6

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Actually I want to do 2 things:

Upgrade from V5.0.5 to V6.1.9 AND upgrade my flash drive (512Mb to 4Gb Cruzer fit)

Can it be done in the same time?


Does that mean I just have to copy my current .key file into the right folder when I prepare the new flash drive, and after the 1st boot, Unraid will "guide" me through the flash drive change?

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