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Most number of hard drives in an high tower ?


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I have a case with 12 5 1/4 inch drive slots stacked one on top of the other, and have installed 4 Supermicro 5in3 drive cages. That provides 20 removable drive slots in a tower footprint. My case is called a Sharkoon Rebel 12. I don't think it's still made, but might be found on ebay. Antec makes (or made) a similar case called the 1200. I'm very happy with my setup. Takes up a tiny bit of floor spaces. Is rather easily moved, when needed, if I pop out most of the drives (which is quite easy to do).


Easier found are cases with 9 5 1/4 slots, that would allow 3 5in3s, netting 15 vs 20th drives. There was a recent build with a Sharkoon case like this that is still made. Antec also makes the 900 case.


Here is s thread that you might look through.



There is a rack mount case that comes with 24 hot swap cages that is popular and less expensive in aggregate. I forget the manufacturer.  I personally think I'd find it unwieldy since I don't have a rack to hang it from, but many here love them.


Good luck! 

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1 hour ago, bjp999 said:

24 hot swap cages that is popular and less expensive in aggregate. I forget the manufacturer.

Norco. However, the forum consensus seems to be that if you can find a used supermicro 24 bay chassis on ebay with updated backplanes, you would be much happier.


I don't own either, just observe people griping about Norco quality control.

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I debated for a long time about buying a rack mount case, I researched the Norco cases but after reading reviews from unhappy owners I was convinced the build quality was just not what I was looking for, I had been using an Antec 1200 with drive cages and had used up all the space inside the case and had three drive cages sitting outside the case. I came upon a killer deal on a Supermicro 36 bay case that happened to have a SAS2 backplane meaning it could take drives larger than 2TB and bought it. I had it sitting on top of two old dell towers in my office for the longest time until I came upon another killer deal on a half rack and bought that and now it sits in rack properly. You don't have to have a rack but it certainly helps keep things tidy. There are still some great deals to be had on eBay on 24 bay supermicro servers, you have to be aware that the power supplies they come with are loud, so if you are used to quiet, these things will change that. You can buy quieter 'silent' power supplies but they aren't cheap, I am going to be getting one soon because mine is very loud and its in my office.

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Nice case but $700-800.00 I think I'll pass. I love the slide out  motherboard tray though, it's shame more cases don't have that feature, makes upgrades and repairs so much easier. I have an old CoolerMaster ATCS 840 case that has that feature.

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