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Network Unreachable


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Hello All,

Started having some issues with my server after 6 days of up time. I went to update some of my dockers and after the update I could not reach my server from the web gui. I also didn't have ssh access. So I logged in locally and rebooted the server. After the server came back up I logged in locally and tested the internet with a ping command. It's output was Network unreachable. I changed the network config from static to dynamic and reboot again. This did not fix it. Any ideas? I have posted the diagnostics.





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Just had a quick look at your diagnostics, I presume these are taken after the problem occurred.


The eth0 port of your server is up with a speed of 100M, eventhough it supports 1000M. Is your router (switch) limited to 100M? Otherwise it is very likely a cabling issue.


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