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  1. Anyone having luck with Plex? I have the below settings. And I am getting 502 bad gateway error.
  2. Right. Ok I think I can do that. Can't I use a USB disk for this?
  3. So once I rebuild onto new disk. I drop that new disk and put the old one back in?
  4. Ok so the plan after I have now replaced the failing sata card. I know disk 4 is in a bad data state. It was in the process of rebuilding when the server crashed. So I know that the rebuild wasn't complete. Which means that the disk is incomplete even though unraid is saying its fine (mainly because of me resetting the disk config to get disk 1 back online). So, I need to rebuild disk 4 either I need to start over or rebuild from when it stopped. So how is the best way to do that. I know the parity is good. I just need to get disk 4 rebuilt without loosing data. Does that help?
  5. Cool sounds good. I will start the rebuild.
  6. Hey guys. Good news. LSI card came in. Flashed it and threw it into the server. I already have an up-time of 30 min already with no crashing. It seems like the logs are complaining about the file system on disk 4 which I know is partially rebuilt. It's fine, I should be able to kick off the parity sync and it should correct that yeah? Do you still want system logs?
  7. I went to sys log. Turned it on for both ports. Selected a share and then put in the server ip and then enabled mirrored to flash option. Wouldn’t that make the syslog be on the flash drive? and yes I have a firm belief that the data card is bad. It’s the only think I switched over when I changed new hardware. I already have a new lsi card on order should be here in a couple of days. I can boot the server up again and post a new diagnostics tonight. Thanks!
  8. I've attached the syslog that I mirrored to the USB drive. syslog
  9. So if I use the new configuration option I can probably get the array back online but disk 4 will need to be rebuilt from the parity?
  10. I went to do that. Powered unraid on, but now looks like I lost another drive, this time it's disabled entirely. I'm afraid that if I start the array I am going to have two emulated disks and I won't have my data in parity. Wondering now what the best option is. I don't know if the constant resets got to this or if the sata controller really is messed up and has been causing issues all along. Sorry guys, really trying to get you the logs, how should I precede?
  11. Hey guys. So apparently, troubleshoot mode doesn't exist as I am on 6.7.0. I have attached an image of my monitor when the server crashed as well as the system log from logging.html. It seems when I start the array and the rebuild takes place. There is a huge amount of errors to disk1 and then the server crashes. This could be inline with whenever I am trying to build out a VM and I browse for the ISO file it will crash the unraid server since it starts to read from disk 1. I don't know exactly which disk is disk1 but I am going to reboot and see if I can find that out. I really am starting to think it's a bad sata controller. Let me know what you think. EDIT: found that disk1 is the HGST. It's one that is connected into the sata controller. IMG_1308.HEIC System Log.htm
  12. Hey Squid. I am having a hard time finding troubleshoot mode on the plugin settings page. I could of sworn it was there last update. Where did it go?
  13. Ok I will do that when I get home and then I should be able to pull the logs. Thanks for all the help guys!
  14. Memory test finished. Looks like no errors on the ram side. I will try and repeat the crashing however, when it crashes I can’t do anything to access the server. How am I going to grab the logs? I remember that there was one way to continuously write the logs to the USB. How do I do that again?
  15. Hey guys just remembered. I grabbed this screen shot earlier today before the last crash.