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6.3.5 Upgrade, reboot, dockers messed up...


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I had 6.3.5 upgrade pending for a while waiting on a reboot to install, so I decided to reboot finally and let it happen... well that seems to have screwed everything up with my dockers, as far as I can tell right now that's the only issue...


How do I go about figuring out what the problems are and fixing them?


For example, freshrss docker starts up successfully, it would seem, but when I go to the site it says ### Application problem ### See logs files, yet there does not seem to be able log files that give any information, unless I'm looking in the wrong spot.


Mariadb docker's log is spamming 
170622 20:25:50 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog.
170622 20:25:50 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /config/databases
170622 20:25:53 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog.
170622 20:25:53 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /config/databases

and doesn't start/run


subversion and dropbox seem to be unaffected and running ok, as far as I can tell.. 


Rebooting the server did what to my dockers?!?


Any help is appreciated, thanks...



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trurl, here's the zip...  frankly, although I don't know exactly what to look for, I didn't see anything that stood out as a problem in any of the files in the diagnostics, but again I guess I don't know what I would be looking for to begin with.... there just wasn't anything "obvious" to me.




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I think the main problem with freshrss is that it can't connect to the db (mariadb)..  so the mariadb docker not running should be the main issue.. somehow the upgrade and/or reboot corrupted it, I guess...   just not sure how/what to look at for fixing it without losing data.

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Assuming nothing changed on your template settings, first thing to do is to delete mariadb (and stop freshrss) and re-add it using the existing appdata.  See if anything is in its logs.  Once its apparently running, start freshrss and start trying to figure out what's happening.

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Well hmmm... I don't know why this mattered but I deleted a couple things from mariadb's appdata folder and it's working again.., 


First I removed the appdata\mariadb\log folder, which might have been the important part.. and I also removed (0 byte sized, so probably not important) appdata\mariadb\databases\mysql\general_log.csv and slow_log.csv


I think the log folder was the factor here.. 

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