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Current pending sector is 18 :/


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I have seen, occasionally, a relatively young disk with pending sectors and no reallocated sectors or other SMART issues, that clear themselves after a parity check. And that is it not a harbinger of failure. This is not normal, but I have seen it several times, even with pending sectors into the 1000s.


I'd give that a try - run a parity check - if they get worse or don't reset, you should look to replace the disk. Based on power on hours, it seems it might still be under warranty.

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If those are real pending sectors, and they probably are, you'll get some read errors during the parity check, those are expected, then either unRAID will successfully writes those sectors back to the disk or there will be a write error and it will be disabled, if it's disabled replace it, if not run another non correcting check, if there are more read errors replace it, if not you can give it a second chance.

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8 minutes ago, superderpbro said:

What is the best way to make sure you are taking the right drive out?

The drive serial number is listed in the error, and on the main GUI, and several other places in the GUI. If you've already downed the box, just look in the screenshot you posted a couple posts back.

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