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Is possible to replace at the same time parity and 1 data drive?


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I have an array with two parity drives, 1x 4TB + 1x 3TB.

One of the data drives in the array is failing, and have just finished clearing a 4TB drive.

Is it posible to replace the failing drive with the smaller parity, an the latest with the new 4TB I've just precleared?



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Interesting question. I've not seen anyone ask this with 2 parity drives. Not sure if the usual "parity swap" procedure would apply or maybe a New Config with trust parity, keeping whatever parity you want to keep in its correct parity slot.


I see johnnie.black has already responded, but didn't really tell us what he had in mind. If anyone knows how to proceed here it would be him.


Probably a good idea to post your diagnostics. That would answer some of my questions at least. Go to Tools - Diagnostics and post the complete diagnostics zip.


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