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Extra parameters on emhttp error

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Looking to update from 6.4.1 to 6.5.0, but prior to doing so, i get this error on the update assistant.


Checking for extra parameters on emhttp
Issue Found: emhttp command in /boot/config/go has extra parameters passed to it. Currently emhttp does not accept any extra paramters. These should be removed

I've had a search around and can't really find a solution. Could someone please explain what the error is?



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OK I see the mention on page 3. Excuse me but Im still a noob and am not sure how to navigate to affect the changes. (not part of any of the shares)

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At some point you added extra parameters to the emhttp line in the go file (probably to change the port emhttp listened on).  This is now completely ignored, and any port changes are handled within the GUI itself.


Edit the file (notepad will work) /config/go on the flash drive and change the line so that it says

/usr/local/sbin/emhttp &

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Thank you Squidy. For whatever reason i was under the impression that Go was a folder. Those changes were made back when pihole required a port change.


Appreciate the help. 

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