How to easily delete "@eaDir" files


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Or your could simply move them from where ever they are to a folder. I do that to my cache drive so I can browse and delete.


find /mnt/disk1 -name "@eaDir" -exec mv {} /mnt/cache/destination \; 


Yes I do that to each disk at a time often just to have more control.

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I know this is a really old topic but I'm trying to go through this process now and using a variation of the mv cmd process that @kizer suggested....

i.e. something like this


find /mnt/user/Photos/2011/ -name "@eaDir" -exec mv {} /mnt/user/Photos/EAPhotos \; 


the problem is I have a LOT of @eaDir folders and the mv command fails because more than one folder named /@eaDir is trying to get moved to  /mnt/user/Photos/EAPhotos.  Does someone with better scripting knowledge than I do have a suggestion for how to make the end directory a little more dynamic so I don't have the folder conflicts and I can do this in one command instead of run, delete, run?

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