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Plex and Deluge dockers will not launch web GUI's


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unRAID 6.5.0 

Some Dockers won't launch their web pages, but others will.  

Couch Potato and Sonarr work fine... 

Plex and Deluge do not.  Plex is up and running, and I can access it from my iPad app, but not my cable company provide Tivo or a web browser.  


Deleting the Plex container did not resolve the issue.  Neither did deleting Preferences.xml from the /mnt/cache/appdata/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server directory.  


I don't know enough about Docker to know where to troubleshoot next.  Anything more I can provide to aide in responses, just let me know...


Appreciate the help!


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I had that when i switched on direct i/o.
To solve that specific case i needed to use direct assignements of /mnt/cache/appdata instead of /mnt/user/appdata in the docker containers for it to work again. Not all dockers where affected but deluge and plex where.

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