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Cooler for Xeon E5-2670 in Norco 4224 case


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I am planning on building a dual Xeon E5-2670 v1 setup to put in my Norco 4224 case.  What's a good, decently priced heat sink for this processor that will fit in that case?  Between being in the cool basement and the fans in the Norco the system stays pretty cool so I shouldn't need anything crazy.  Some noise isn't an issue either since it's in the basement (but I don't want a rocket ship either).

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I don't know about the dual, but I use on my single E5 (X9SRL-F MB) in a Norco case a "Noctua NH-U9B SE2". 


Height of this cooler is about 120 mm (with 90 mm fan). Don't go much higher or you won't be able to close the top lid.




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Thanks for the reply!  You say you are running it in a Norco case.  Are you running that in the 4224 case?  I know Noctua is good but I was hoping to find something cheaper.  A quick search shows it to be almost as expensive as the processor I want to use.

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Disregard previous message. I need some sleep...


I use the noctua cooler on my E3, in a norco 4224 case.


Need another cooler for the E5 socket (I just used the one that came with the X9SRL)...


Maybe search ebay for used socket 2011 coolers...

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