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6.3.5 > 6.5.3 can't access/ping - need fixed in 24hrs


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Hey everyone, 


I'm visiting my parents' place where I had set up an unraid box last year. It had been 100% stable until I decided to upgrade this visit. I was hoping it would be quick and easy... 


While they do have a monitor here, I don't have a VGA cable to hook it up. Short of buying one, that isn't a possibility although I'll do it if I have to. 


There was only one docker installed - Plex - and it was updated prior to the update. I made a copy of the flash stick prior to the upgrade, so I suppose copying that back over is an option too. I'd still like to get the update done without this taking up my weekend we're supposed to be visiting. 


I  can's access the shares, I can't access the web UI and turns out, I can't ping the server by name or IP (unless the IP changed during the upgrade?) 


Any thoughts on what I might try? 



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Looks like the only thing I missed was deleting. dynamix.plg


Since I have a copy of the slash drive pre upgrade, my best bet is to revert. What's the quickest way to do so? Then I can run the checker and see what it come back with in terms of new version compatibility.

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5 hours ago, trurl said:

Did you take care of everything in the update notes linked in the first post of the release announcement?


I don't think that would matter here - this seems to be a kernel printout during the early boot. So before unRAID starts to worry about plugins etc.

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7 hours ago, remotevisitor said:

I guess I would try as the message on the screen suggests and add the ‘noapic’ to the kernel boot and see if that makes any difference.


i haven’t done this myself before but I think you need to add it to the ‘append’ line for the relevant entry in the syslinux/syslinux.cfg file on the flash drive.

I had no idea what it was referring to haha. 


I'll do a quick search and see what exactly is have to add to the file and give it a shot.


Alright, so I added 

  append initrd=/bzroot noapic

And tried booting. That managed to get me to the GUI! Excellent. I much prefer resolving the issue than reverting without resolution. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. 


I still have a few hours here. Anything else I should keep an eye out for given this is older hardware running the latest version? 

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