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Multiple Errors one Drive failure


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Hi folks. Seems like I am having multiple issues on my server logfiles attached. All help is appreciated. Thank you in advance. How should I go about recovering? 

1. Disk3 has failed 
2. I cant read the files on disk 3 (emulation seems to fail)

3. Disk 4 has some errors 

4. Fix Common problems is reporting the following: 

disk3 (ST3500641AS_3PM1YPT7) is disabled Begin Investigation Here:   
disk4 (ST3000DM008-2DM166_Z5059TES) has read errors If the disk has not been disabled, then unRaid has successfully rewritten the contents of the offending sectors back to the hard drive. It would be a good idea to look at the S.M.A.R.T. Attributes for the drive in questionBegin Investigation Here:   
Unable to write to disk3 Drive mounted read-only or completely full. Begin Investigation Here:   
Unable to write to disk4 Drive mounted read-only or completely full. Begin Investigation Here:   
Call Traces found on your server Your server has issued one or more call traces. This could be caused by a Kernel Issue, Bad Memory, etc. You should post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums


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It's a reoccurring issue for users with both SASLP and SAS2LP, they are not recommended for unRAID v6 for a while now, rebooting will likely fix the problem for now, until it happens again, and you'll still need to rebuild the disabled disk.


Recommended HBA is any LSI with a SAS2008/2308/3008 chipset in IT mode, e.g., 9201-8i, 9211-8i, 9207-8i, 9300-8i, etc and clones, like the Dell H200/H310 and IBM M1015, these latter ones need to be crossflashed.

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ok spoke too fast. 
After the shutdown restart I was able to start to copy the data out of Disk 3 - I am planning to turn that old drive down and not replace it since I have a lot of unused space on my server. 

a bit into the copy the I get read errors - so I am thinking I have to replace this card first before trying to get my server back to where it used to be - now 4 drives are reporting read errors - I am guessing its the card. 

Could you please recommend the most reliable card I can purchase? 

Thank you. 

ps. New diagnostic file attached. Just in case its some other problem. 


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Card came in. 
Data copying no issues so far. 

I want remove the bad drive  - ie: not replace it. 

This is the instruction I found to do that: https://lime-technology.com/wiki/FAQ_remove_drive
sDoes not talk about version 6.x 

I want to remove the drive, replace with a new one and use the new drive to be second parity drive. 

Do I just follow instruction to remove, then add new drive and assign it to parity 2? 

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