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Cant Delete br0 gateway


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Sorry if I am posting in wrong forum.

I currently have my br0 gateway set as as the route. This is conflicting with my wireless AP which has the ip

So I want to change the route for br0 to The problem I have is I cant delete the original br0 gateway.

I have taken the array off-line in the hopes that will allow me to delete it.... no go. I have tried creating the new gateway with + br0 + metric 1 first and then try deleting the old gateway... no go.

So I guess the question remains.... can it even be deleted?

Any ideas what Im doing wrong?






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That's perfectly normal - since your br0 has an IP of - so this means the entire subnet can be reached directly by using br0

this is in no way in conflict with your wireless AP or any other device. This route/rule is only for unRAID.

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But, if you really did want to delete br0 you could simply disable it in the GUI. Set Enable bridging to No but turn on the help first and read what it says. You'll need to stop the docker service first and disable VMs. So, yes, it can be deleted but the chances are that you don't want to do that, unless you just want to run a simple NAS with no bells and whistles.

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