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unraid supports SMB 3.0 Multi channel?


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Hey, I'm looking at building a couple of unraid servers.  I can't seem to find anywhere online whether unraid supports SMB 3.0 Multi channel.  I've got a setup at home that I'm looking at converting to unraid and another system at work that I'm looking to build.  I like the ease of management and configuration so that I can pass the reins to someone else when I leave.  The use case is a bunch of students editing video off one central NAS , and I wanted to use SMB multi channel to achieve high enough transfer speeds to do this.  If I need to run a windows VM, that's fine.  I was planning on running a Windows Server VM for DNS and logon purposes.  Thanks for your help, Micah.

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53 minutes ago, Micahfocht said:

Can you make a virtual 10 Gb link between the unraid os and the VM?  Is there a better multi channel file implementation in a different protocol?  I'm just trying to make sure that this setup would actually work.   

Technically the link between the unraid server and the vm are whatever the speed is(figure there is a max somewhere) because its an internal to the server switch. Much like VMware.. Though I will say unless you are putting everything on SSDs or have a large cache drive your just not going to get massive performance like you would with say ZFS.

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