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Transferring License Key to a new USB Flash Drive


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I moved about 8 months ago, and just now got around to unpacking my Unraid Server. Unfortunately, somehow in the move, my USB flash drive literally broke in half. I still have the registration key in an e-mail, but I have no idea how to transfer that to a new flash drive. Also, once I transfer the license key, will my server be setup just as it was before I shut it down last? Or will I have to start from scratch?

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Unless you have a recent backup of your flash you have lost all your configuration information. But your data should be OK assuming it was OK before the move and nothing got too banged up and you have checked and rechecked all connections.


You can prepare a new flash with a new install, copy the key to the config folder, and when you boot it should let you get a new key for the new flash.


If you don't know your drive assignments then be sure to ask for further help. It is very important that you not accidentally assign a data disk to the parity slot.


For future reference you can download a zipped backup of your flash from Main - Boot Device - Flash - Flash Backup.

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Unfortunately I did not have notifications set up, nor did I have status e-mails sent to me. I definitely do not remember what my drive assignments were. I am going to try to repair the USB drive first (the connector was torn off of the PCB.) I am hoping to get it working enough to boot once, and allow me to retrieve a flash backup.

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22 hours ago, jonathanm said:

If you had notifications set up (you definitely need to) and you had periodic status emails sent (you should) then you have a list of your drive assignments in the last status email you got if you can retrieve it.

Where do you configure this status emails?  Is it the "Array status notification" option ? From the help "Start a periodic array health check (preventive maintenance) and notify the user the result of this check."  Can anybody provide some more details on what this means? Will this perform a parity check?



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So, my attempts at resurrecting the broken flash drive failed miserably. I will be transferring my license to a new USB stick and starting over. 


I have 4 data drives, 1 parity drive, and 1 cache drive. The data and parity drives are all 4tb WD Red, so figuring out their assignments is going to be a chore. Where should I start?

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You can assign all disks as data drives, the unmountable drive will be parity, but note that this will put your parity slightly out of sync and a correcting check is required after array start, if you want to play it safer mount each disk read only, this will keep parity 100% valid, you can see here how to mount read-only:




Then assign them and check parity is already valid.

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