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directly viewing pdf files stored on Unraid share using iOS device (iPhone/iPad)?


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I know of the following ways to view pdf files on iOS:

- email it as an attachment to myself and open the email. .

- drag and drop pdf files into iTunes and sync it with device.

- some free pdf apps like PDF Viewer allow you to use a web browser to upload files to the device.

- cloud providers such as Dropbox etc


As far as I know these methods don't allow direct access to the network share, the Unraid server in this case, without syncing or transferring pdf files first. Does anyone know how to do it?

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2 minutes ago, shawn said:

I'm guessing Nextcloud is not doable on Unraid 5.x?

While unRaid 5.x is an awesome pure NAS, not much else is doable on it.  unRaid 6.x however the sky is the limit.  Highly recommended to upgrade for make your NAS run apps / VMs / etc

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