Upgrading Parity Drive


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10 minutes ago, xman111 said:

do i have to look at all disks?  or mainly just the parity and the ones replacing the parities?

All disks should be reliable because ALL disks must be reliably read to reliably reconstruct a missing or disabled disk. Parity by itself is not enough to recover any data.

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thanks for that.  I didn't realize that, i thought that the parity was everything.  What stat is the best for monitoring disk condition?  does my diagnostic file show anything?  Someone said disk 1 doesn't look good so I am going to replace it as well.  I guess i am just struggling with how do i know when to replace and is that disk ok to put in my backup server or do i just take a hammer to these disks?

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unRAID monitors the important SMART attributes and will show you on the Dashboard if any are a problem. Also, if you setup Notifications (and you must!) unRAID will alert you by email or other agent when your server has any issues, including disk problems.


1 hour ago, xman111 said:

i thought that the parity was everything.

How could parity alone allow you to recover any disk? It obviously doesn't have the capacity to contain the data for every disk in the array. Parity isn't very complicated and understanding parity can help make sense of how unRAID works. Here is a wiki:




Dual parity is similar. It uses a different calculation but still needs the other disks.

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3 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

sorry off topic but been meaning to ask trurl, no problems with Florence? IIRC you're in NC

I'm in Greensboro, same place as Joe L. I think, though I have never met him.


We have been getting a lot of rain but that's about it this far inland. Friday morning we were actually out buying kayaks, though not for the flood.😁


We took a lot of tree damage from Fran many years ago so we were concerned. I have a lot of trees around my house.

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