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Brendon Ramos

Access through my DDNS won't work.

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Hi There,


First off, I am a newbie to unRaid, but it is setup and running fine as a storage server. My issue is as follows:


I want to access my unRaid web ui from outside my home, as well as Couch Potato, Sickrage and a few other programs running on a Windows Server VM within unRaid, and VNC viewer for my VM. First off, don't worry about security issues, I know how vulnerable I am making my server.


Heres the catch - I want to use the existing DDNS on my router (****.asuscomm.com), which I can ping just fine. (Please note, my previous server running only windows server 2016 as the main OS, worked great with this and I was able to access everything I wanted).


I've forwarded all ports (1:65000) on my router to the unraid IPv4 address (, and the VM Address ( in an attempt to rule out port forwarding as an issue (I know this is unsafe, I don't plan on leaving it like this, plus there is quite literally nothing currently on my network of importance).


I would like to not have to use a DDNS or a VPN docker or plugin on my unraid server if possible, I liked my old config, I am hoping I can adapt unraid to this.


I suspect I'm missing something in my unraid configuration which is preventing me from accessing it.


Also, am I typing in my URL's correct? Below is what I have tried:


Unraid Web Ui - http://****.asuscomm.com:80/Main (I have checked my port, it is 80)

Couch Potato - http://****.asuscomm.com:5050 (This always worked when running Windows Server as my only OS, before I got Unraid)

VNC Viewer - ****.asuscomm.com:5700


I suspect I'm doing something really stupid, but I am stumped, hence why I'm asking for help :)

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For everyone else reading this: DO NOT DO THIS. Your system will be hacked.

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Why not flash your Asus router with the Merlin firmware: https://asuswrt.lostrealm.ca/


Then you can host your own VPN Server in the Asus Router and use it to connect your remote computer, ipad, cell phone to your network to access everything you want. Everything you would need to access and connect to your home network resides within the router.


This is the way that I do it and have had zero issue with it.


Cewrtainly much safer to try out this way ...



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Thank You Dwight for the suggestion, I will definitely look into this if I am unable to resolve it the way I would like to.


Is there something I am doing wrong? Or something I'm overlooking in unRaid that is not allowing me to see it through my DDNS address?


And to BRiT, thanks for the warning, I do realise the vulnerability of it as I mentioned, I wouldn't suggest anyone else do this, as I have quite an isolated network at the moment, once I know it works the way I would like, I will look into securing it. I opened everything in the hope I could solve the issue, but alas I have not...

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7 minutes ago, Brendon Ramos said:

 I do realise the vulnerability of it

I'm not sure you do. One of the main attack vectors currently is ransomware, which encrypts everything it can get its paws on. If you fully open up your server, and it gets noticed and attacked (only a matter of time) you will not be able to use any of the files that you spent time and resources downloading, and the next time you reboot the machine it will not boot.


That's only one likely scenario. You may not have anything on the machine you care about, but I'm pretty sure the time you spend setting it up is worth something.

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Warnings aside, has anyone got any advice as to how to reach anything on my server through my DDNS address? I'm unsure why it isn't working...

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I bet nearly everyone will suggest you to use an VPN into your home network and not directly put your server on the internet.

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