Docker tab not scrolling on iPad


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Hi, I notice this issue first with Community Applications, but fixed it with Squids help by turning off mobile enhancements in CA settings! I now only have an issue with the docker page/tab of the GUI it won’t scroll in basic or advanced mode on the iPad! I’m running version 6.7.2.



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I have the same problem. Docker tab freezes and won’t scroll on a iPad. Exactly the same in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. I suspect the page is just too complex. Likely dependent on how many containers you have running, 47 in my case.  IPad Pro running iPadOS 13.2.


The workaround for basic Docker operations is using the Dashboard tab, but you can’t access full details that way. 

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20 hours ago, Squid said:

The "workaround" on the dashboard is to scroll via the empty space between the columns.

Thanks for that, I'd noticed that occasionally it would scroll but haddn't noticed it was when my finger was on the empty space!

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