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Can we please get some fixes to the VM GUI to support more of the various QEMU/KVM options that are available? Just moved over some VMs from ESXi, and it was a pain to get the XML straight. KVM apparently can handle VMDK's natively, but the GUI doesn't support it, so I had to find some examples online and get it sorted out.


The docker GUI is really nice. The VM GUI feels like an afterthought in comparison. Would be nice if it could get the same kind of attention.

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I went looking for this request... I use a VM with a bootable CD/iso to perform disk task on client hard drive and would like to be able to more easily mount a unassigned drive and select the boot drive. Right now I have to go in and make changes to the xml Every Time.


I love that this workflow is even possible, but would really like to see it performed more cleanly.




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I think I found the solution to my specific problem and thought I would post it here in case any one else is fighting it...



I'm booting a vm from an ISO in order to manipulate (Acronis, Paragon Disk Manager, etc.) physical hard drives plugged into my system in a dock.



I have to edit the XML file every time I add a drive because the drive order changes to the 1st HDD preceding the "CD" drive.



I renamed the .iso to .img and mounted it as the primary dard drive in the VM.



Is there a way to mount a share as a drive? 


Hope someone else finds this useful.



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