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  1. Really like the dashboard, hope there continues to be dev on it! Quick question, how do I fix the time to get appropriate custom headers? I am in EST and it seems its set 4 hours ahead of that. Ty!
  2. +1 - feel like the VM interface could really use some and configuration updates
  3. Pretty shocking 2FA is not implemented yet. Love unraid but the lack of focus on security including regular patching, is frustrating to say the least.
  4. Thank you, appreciate you working to resolve vulnerabilities.
  5. Is this still being developed? Seems like it hasn't been updated in awhile.
  6. It seems I am also having dns resolution issues since the update. Something is broken. I'm getting random "reply error is servfail" in the logs
  7. Upgraded fine as well. Thanks for making security updates a primary concern going forward.
  8. Backed up flash drive, ran the upgrade to 6.9.1 with seemingly no issues. Thanks for a successful upgrade process. I'd really appreciate being able to remediate security patches quicker on the unraid system though as patches come out all the time. Is there a way to remediate some security only type things in the future without waiting for big upgrades? A lot of security items get fixed in ~10 months. Thanks for all you do!
  9. Thank you for taking this over, as I was wondering when there would be updates to that docker. For what its worth, I also had the issue with the resolver being unavailable. I had decom'd my previous local dns install and unraid was still pointing to it which was causing the problem. Even with a valid secondary dns.... So... fixed that and then everything began working again. Maybe this will help someone else.