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  1. Upgraded fine as well. Thanks for making security updates a primary concern going forward.
  2. Backed up flash drive, ran the upgrade to 6.9.1 with seemingly no issues. Thanks for a successful upgrade process. I'd really appreciate being able to remediate security patches quicker on the unraid system though as patches come out all the time. Is there a way to remediate some security only type things in the future without waiting for big upgrades? A lot of security items get fixed in ~10 months. Thanks for all you do!
  3. Thank you for taking this over, as I was wondering when there would be updates to that docker. For what its worth, I also had the issue with the resolver being unavailable. I had decom'd my previous local dns install and unraid was still pointing to it which was causing the problem. Even with a valid secondary dns.... So... fixed that and then everything began working again. Maybe this will help someone else.