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  1. Hi, I've had an issue with the txAdmin with the FiveM container, it won't recognise resources I add when using txAdmin
  2. Hi all, This has been terrorising me all day...please help me before I throw something expensive... What's the issue? UnRAID cannot access CAs, nor update dockers, nor ping WAN addresses however my Windows 10 VM can access the internet just fine. What have I done to attempt to fix this? - IP Changes - Auto network settings - Static network settings - DNS changes, both router and UnRAID - Reset network settings (removing network.cfg) - Downgrading UnRAID - Physically changing ethernet ports (server to router) - Many, many, many restarts Seems to me like some sort of bonding/routing control over the connection has gone askew, unfortunately I am no linux pro or network engineer. Any help would be greatly appreciated, find below my most recent diagnostics zip as well as routing table.
  3. Where do I put the -e "HTTPS=OFF" To disable HTTPS?