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  1. AdGuard-Home Support link brought me here. How hard would it be to implent unbound (recursive resolver) to this docker image as option? I installed it afterwards but don't want to screw around with the entrypoint script to autostart it.
  2. Runs but does not work. "Could not connect to the IPFS API" Using static ip for this container.
  3. Hi. How would you pass the ip info to the reverse proxied service? Everything shows the NPM IP instead of the true ip (it's proxied, I know). Otherwise NPM works butter smooth and does exactly what I need it to do.
  4. If your vpn connection fails nothing else is started, once your vpn connection is up it starts rest of the applications, it's designed that way.
  5. Any update on fixing the credentials issue? how can I disable container from updating the vpn's auth user setting? .conf files seem to be parsed differently from .txt files and .conf does not work for me so I need to edit it everytime i restart the container..
  6. Yeah that was the problem, saved the cron file through smb share and it added some extra to the file that weren't visible until editing it inside the docker. Now it works great. Thanks!
  7. Hi, any idea why won't zoneminder pick my cron file? I've put it inside the appdata/zoneminder folder like instructed but it won't be picked up, it's not problem to edit the crontab everytime by hand when i update/restart the container but its nice feature to have automatically get it inserted. ps. dlandon, donated $10, it's not much but maybe you'll get a premium cup of coffee with that?
  8. Hi, I started using this container today and noticed the auth is failing, culript was the default auth file for openvpn, maybe openvpn is parsing the auth file wrong (due being .conf file?) but after manually creating new .txt file and adding my auth information inside the container booted up normally.